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Hey! by Mind Map: Hey!

1. Two goals

1.1. My Spain trip & what's working now

1.1.1. Pics

1.1.2. Villa

1.2. Answer any question you may have

2. Remote Property Flipping / Virtual Wholesaling

2.1. Still alive and well today!

2.2. Check out these podcasts


2.2.2. "Virtual Wholesaling - Simple, System, Scale"

2.2.3. "Automated Wholesaling Series"

2.3. You CAN flip deals from anywhere in the world!

2.4. Lifestyle!

2.5. Location Independent Business

2.6. Vision first, business second

3. Steps to Automated Wholesaling

3.1. My assistant sends direct mail

3.2. My VA prescreens the leads

3.3. All the leads go into Podio

3.4. My local wholesaling partner takes the leads and meets with the motivated sellers

3.5. He leaves tasks in Podio for my VA's to send offers to the un-motivated leads that he doesn't meet with

3.6. We follow up every month with the old leads

3.7. The wholesaler meets with the motivated sellers and gets the property under contract

3.8. The wholesalers sells the deals to their buyers

3.9. We split the profits

3.9.1. Sometimes, we also split the marketing fees out of the profits

3.10. Advantage to wholesaler?

3.10.1. Someone else does all the marketing

3.10.2. Someone else prescreens all the leads

3.10.3. Someone else does all the follow up

3.11. Advantage to you?

3.11.1. Your wholesaler can negotiate a better deal than you can because they are going to look at the house in person

3.11.2. They usually have better buyers than you do, who will pay more

3.11.3. They can sell it faster

3.11.4. They have the title companies, the money, the connections, etc

3.11.5. You can literally do this in any market in the USA, from anywhere in the world

4. Steps to Land Flipping

4.1. Pick a county

4.2. Find comps

4.3. Get a list @ Listsource or Realquest

4.4. Mail blind offers @ 15% of lowest comp

4.5. Get it under contract

4.6. Advertise it at 50%

4.7. Who buys these deals?

4.7.1. preppers

4.7.2. Hermits

4.7.3. Mobile homes

4.7.4. Hunters

4.7.5. ATV owners

4.7.6. Campers

4.7.7. Anti-Social

4.7.8. Uni-bombers

4.8. Example Deal

4.8.1. County in Colorado

4.8.2. 4-6 acres

4.8.3. Lowest Comps - $12,000

4.8.4. We know we want to sell at $6,000 (~$1,200 / acre)

4.8.5. We have a 5 acre lot

4.8.6. We offer 15% ($180/acre) = $900

4.8.7. We negotiate up to $2,500

4.8.8. We sell it quickly on for $6,150

4.8.9. Profit = $3,650

4.8.10. About one deal for every 300 - 500 letters you send

4.9. Advantages

4.9.1. Virtually no competition

4.9.2. No urgency to close deals

4.9.3. You don't have to buy until you get a buyer to sell it to

4.9.4. You don't have to talk to as many sellers

4.9.5. Lower cost per deal

4.9.6. Easier in many ways to automate

4.9.7. No typical house headaches

4.9.8. You can also sell these deals on terms and make great cash flow

5. Keys / Gold Nuggets

5.1. Make multiple offers

5.1.1. See Calculator

5.1.2. Make offers to every cold and warm lead Hot leads you meet in person In the mail & email Click2Mail Email Mailchimp or Aweber Freedomsoft

5.1.3. And don't spend too much time doing this!

5.1.4. Cash

5.2. Follow up

5.2.1. The money is in the database

5.2.2. BombBomb

5.2.3. SlyBroadcast

5.2.4. Goal - every lead 100% yes or 100% no

5.3. What should your VA be doing every day?

5.3.1. *** So you can focus 100% on the 20% Talking to sellers Finding buyers Making offers

5.3.2. Do all your marketing

5.3.3. Do all your Podio data entry

5.3.4. Send the offers for you

5.3.5. Do all your follow up

5.4. Marketing

5.4.1. How much should you be spending? Your average deal profit, every month Important to focus! Be a laser beam

5.4.2. Lists Listen to this podcast from Tom Krol on Bigger Pockets Two Main Lists Owner Occ's with equity Absentee Owners Evictions Garage Sales

5.4.3. Direct mail pieces Doesn't matter! Mix it up Postcards - yellow letters - professional letters

5.4.4. Vendors

5.4.5. Simple System Scale

5.4.6. Marketing Plan / Scorecard

5.5. Done is the new perfect

5.5.1. Progress, not perfection

5.5.2. Wholesaling is easy, wholesalers are complicated

5.5.3. Stop F'n Around & Being A P'y - video

5.5.4. Failing Forward Fast

5.5.5. You can't steer a parked car

5.6. JV's / Partnering

5.6.1. Stop trying to fix your weaknesses - outsource them

5.6.2. Find someone who is good at what you're not good at, and partner with them

5.7. What others said

5.7.1. Pic 1

5.7.2. Pic 2

5.7.3. Pic 3

5.7.4. Pic 4

6. Want help?

6.1. Application Only -

6.2. What's Involved....

6.2.1. Get all your marketing done for you

6.2.2. Get all my courses

6.2.3. Weekly coaching calls

6.2.4. Private facebook group

6.2.5. Ask me questions on Voxer, anytime

6.2.6. Get my help with land deals

6.2.7. Accountability - to your marketing plan and scorecard

6.2.8. 12 Months

6.3. Min Requirements

6.3.1. $500/mo to spend on marketing

6.3.2. 20 hours a week to the business

6.4. Free Strategy Session with Dave - rockstar student

6.5. Get your coaching fee back if / when you partner with me on a deal