John Maxwell's The Law of Reflection

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John Maxwell's The Law of Reflection by Mind Map: John Maxwell's The Law of Reflection

1. Created by Dave Rothacker

2. Reflection turns experience into insight

3. Everyone needs a time and a place to pause

4. Pausing with intention expands & enriches thinking

5. When you take time to pause, use your I's

5.1. Investigation

5.2. Incubation

5.3. Illumination

5.4. Illustration

6. Ask good questions when reflecting

6.1. What is my biggest asset?

6.2. What is my biggest liability?

6.3. What is my highest high?

6.4. What is my lowest low?

6.5. What is my most worthwhile emotion?

6.6. What is my least worthwhile emotion?

6.7. What is my best habit?

6.8. What is my worst habit?

6.9. What is most fulfilling to me?

6.10. What do I prize most highly?