Differentiation for Short Story Unit

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Differentiation for Short Story Unit by Mind Map: Differentiation for Short Story Unit

1. Approaching Expectations

1.1. Students who missed 2-3 quiz questions will be grouped together

1.1.1. This group of students will be given a worksheet to work on together as a group. The worksheet will provide examples of several different points of view and then ask the students to identify points of view and write their own sentences in first, second, and third points of view. The worksheet will also show students how to identify context clues in a photo or sentence, and ask them to practice identifying the context clues. Once the group has completed their worksheet they will be given an answer key and asked to grade their work and discuss and correct any incorrect answers.

2. Meeting Expectations

2.1. Students who answered all of the quiz questions correctly will be grouped together

2.1.1. This group of students will have the opportunity to expand and apply their knowledge of short story writing. They will be given a series of writing prompts that encourage them to write story introductions that challenge them to use different points of view, to provide context for certain situations, and develop characters and narrators. After the students have written several introductions they will share in a group and decide on one introduction each to develop further with the remaining class time.

3. Beginning Expectations

3.1. Students who missed more than 3 quiz questions will be grouped together

3.1.1. This group will work with the teacher to learn the different points of view, and the context of a text. The instruction will be given through visuals and examples and discussion. After the instruction has been given the students will engage in oral practice and then written practice with the support of the teacher.