Advisor Marketing Plan for $1000 Investment

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Advisor Marketing Plan for $1000 Investment by Mind Map: Advisor Marketing Plan  for $1000 Investment

1. Plan Accountability

1.1. Who "Owns" the Marketing Plan?

1.2. How Will Success Be Measured?

1.3. How Will Success/Progress Be Monitored?

1.4. Who Will Monitor Progress?

1.5. What's Are The Next Steps?

2. Marketing Stance

2.1. Define Your Ideal Client(s)

2.2. What's Your Message/Selling Proposition?

2.2.1. Brand Feature?

2.2.2. Brand Benefit to Client?

3. Marketing Tactics & Implementation (Projects/Action Plan)

3.1. Marketing Tactics (Ideas)

3.1.1. PHASE 1 Define Brand Message Define Ideal Audience/Niche Market Build Role Specific Website get built by: TWENTYOVERTEN.COM Package Credibility Content Referral Marketing

3.1.2. PHASE 2 Search Engine Optimization for Website with help from Twenty Over Ten by Podcasting & Syndication by Social Media exposure Enhance Social Profiles Email Marketing Nurture Email Marketing Webinar Marketing Sharing Content Online Advertising

3.1.3. WORTH THINKING ABOUT Seminar Marketing Client Appreciation Events Getting Publicity Advertorial in Targeted Publications Advertising in Targeted Media Re-Targeting Ads Cold-Calling Targeted Opportunities Direct Mail

3.2. Marketing Implementation

3.3. Launch Brand

3.3.1. New Brand

3.3.2. Integrate Brand into Office Website Social Profiles Content

3.4. Launch Website

3.4.1. Approve Layout/Nav/Design/Content

3.4.2. Draft Email to Clients

3.4.3. Launch Website

3.5. Launch Social Media Strategy

3.5.1. Enhance Social Profiles Advisors... LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook New Imagery Improved Copy Content Engagement Opportunities

3.5.2. Ramp up Connections Create List of prospects/clients/COIs to invite to connect Create email to inspire/motivate connections

3.5.3. Share 1-2x/day Leverage Hootsuite or Buffer Use Bulk Message Uploader Bulk Message Spreasheet

3.6. Social Media Strategy

3.6.1. Goals: Business Brand Awareness Thought Leadership Word of Mouth ROI Social Expand Digital Network Shares/Likes/Comments Leads

3.6.2. Audience:

3.6.3. Audit:  (SM Network/Owner/Connections)

3.6.4. Network/Content Type Strategy: Twitter/News, Quotes, Posts LI/Quotes, Posts FB/Client Events, Posts, Quotes, Stories

3.7. Content Creation

3.7.1. Papers

3.7.2. Posts

3.7.3. Checklists

3.7.4. Podcasts

3.7.5. Videos

3.7.6. Editorial Calendar PDF XLS

3.8. Inspire Referrals Campaign

3.8.1. Draft "referral letter" to Clients

3.9. Brand Engagement Email Campaign

3.9.1. Scrub email list; prospects, clients, COIs

3.9.2. Confirm email client/tool.

3.9.3. Blast email quarterly.

3.9.4. Review analytics via email tool.

4. Goals & Objectives

4.1. Business Goals

4.1.1. Financial

4.1.2. Ideal Clients

4.2. Strategic & Tactical Objectives

4.2.1. Define Ideal Prospect

4.2.2. Ignite Client Referrals

4.2.3. Expert Exposure

5. Areas of Focus (pick 1 to 2)

5.1. Business Development