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rules by Mind Map: rules

1. 1. when the world is flat, whatever can be done will be done

1.1. because someone else will have a similar idea, and pursue it faster than you think

1.1.1. if you have an idea, pursue it thanks to the unflat world, we are seeing colaborative bussiness models that are unprecedented in history-and that whatever can be done is being done

2. 2. outgrowth of rule #1, the most important competition today is between you and your own imagination

2.1. what is unique about the flat worldis the degree to which individuals,or small groups, can now act and compete globally

2.1.1. the countries and companies that will thrive will be those that create an enviornment where there are people can stretch their horizons and beyond the society that will thrive the most is a society that competes while also being most inviting of its own people and immagrants to imagine and do whatever can be done

3. 3. the small shall act big

3.1. quick to take advantage of all the new tools of colaberation to reach farther, faster, wider and deeper

3.1.1. airborne is the big business and ghandour is the little business ghandour replaced airborne

4. 4. the big shall act small

4.1. one way that big companies learn to flourish in the world is by learning how to act really small by enabling their customers to act really big.

4.1.1. the way that big companies act small is not by targeting each individual customer and trying to serve that customer individually companies that were paying attention understood they were witnessing the birth of the "self-directed customer"

5. 5. the best companies are the best collaborators

5.1. in the flat world, more and more business will be done threw collaborations within and between companies

5.1.1. you have to be in order to be close to the customer but also the suppliers, employees, and communities in which we operate traditional manufacturing companies have adapted

6. 6. the best companies stay healthy by getting regular chest x-rays and the selling the results to their clients

6.1. the best companies today get chest x-rays regularly to constantly indentify and strengthen their nitches and outsource the stuff that is not very differentiating

6.1.1. HP, which does business in178 countries, used to handle all its accounts payable and recievable for each individual country in that country the flatening of the world was both the disease and the cure for the bank of india

7. 7. the best companies outsorce to win, not to stink

7.1. they outsource to inovate faster and more cheaply in order to grow larger

7.1.1. firms that are using outsourcing primarily as a tool to cut costs, not enhance innovation and spped growth, are the minority, not the majority the companies that do sourcing right end up with bigger market shares and more employees everywhere

8. 8. how you do things as a company matters more today than ever

8.1. you can no longer rely on price and service,or even on best practices

8.1.1. companies today are more transperant and there customers are more powerful consumers insights into the how of your business will effect not only who comes in your door to shop but also who wants to collaborate with you

9. 9. when the world goes flat- and you are feeling flattened- reach for a shovle and dig inside yourself, dont try to build yourself a wall.

9.1. the world has grown flat, and it has happened so fast, and it effects businesses profoundly

9.1.1. the technology and software are so empowering, that it makes us all look the same the world has become flat, and every analog process went digital, virtual, mobile, and personal