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BSI Wealth by Mind Map: BSI Wealth

1. Ark Accounting

1.1. Daniel Tello - HR Issue

1.1.1. Discuss Ivan issues with other Snr Management

1.1.2. Set clear boundaries with DT re. sustainability

1.1.3. Manage potential Daniel exit from business

1.2. Driving to profitability

1.2.1. Keeping clients Encourage relationship with Alex & Myles Organise transfer for Myles to PWP relationship

1.2.2. Service Delivery (timeframes) Ensure workflow planner in place Task reminder system for DT/Ahada - Workflow Max Structured compliance completion schedule

1.2.3. Cashflow (debtors) Direct debit forms b4 lodgement Client pre-pay & reimburse for setups Frontload billing as catch-up on annual workload complete

1.2.4. Workload Catch-up annual workload complete Share resources with PWP

1.3. Management Issue

1.3.1. Daniel at this stage doesn't want to manage Ark Acct - work on solution

2. Peter Walker Partners (PWP)

2.1. Integrate & Implement Merger

2.1.1. Obtain Funding from bank

2.1.2. Office Space Work with BSI Innov. moving concerns Order desks/cabling/wiring/phones Renovate boardroom to spec Move BSI Innovation Co-ordinate move in of PWP IT server transfer & install for PWP

2.1.3. People Establish & bed-down relationships with junior staff Ensure safe relationship with Ivan and PWP staff Finalise employment agreement/contracts

2.2. Business Operation

2.2.1. Ensure cashflow decline (no WIP/debtors) is funded & managed

2.2.2. Discuss ideas re. direct debit/quicker debt recovery

2.3. Workload

2.3.1. Ensure transition of identified work from Ark Acct to PWP and vice versa to balance

3. Group Vision

3.1. Resolve with Ivan his vision & lack of consultation issues

3.2. Set new Group Vision with BSI T&D asssisance

4. Ark Total Wealth

4.1. Raechel Holtgrave - HR Issue

4.1.1. Ensure client relationships are maintained if she leaves

4.1.2. Help resolve her fears/issues around planning

4.2. Orphan Clients

4.2.1. Find & hire new Financial Planner Ensure training/induction re. Ark FP Way Oversee client relationship transfer between Alex/Myles and new FP

4.2.2. Deterimine if there are more complimentary roles in biz

4.3. Dylan clients

4.3.1. Ensure adequate time to service existing clients

4.4. Growth

4.4.1. Ensure Dylan is sitting in front of enough new prospects

4.4.2. Manage overall expectations in relation to declining up-front fee opportunities Property oversupply Hybrid insurance premiums

4.4.3. Work with Brandon, transition him to full advisor

5. Ark Finance

5.1. Lucero Lopez - HR Issue

5.1.1. Organise 2nd formal meeting - 1st warning

5.1.2. Potentially move Kayla into Lucero role

5.1.3. Manage Lucero exit if it occurs

5.2. Growth

5.2.1. Monitor Sandra ability to generate new biz to previous levels

5.2.2. Ensure Mark improves previous targets

6. Ark Admin

6.1. Cashflow

6.1.1. Ensure profit  to payback BSI Wealth for renovations

6.2. Operation

6.2.1. Outsourced day2day management Nusa/EJ

7. BSI Wealth  - Operational oversight/Effective day 2 day management

7.1. Divisional KPI's / Expectations Set

7.2. Monthly Reporting Process

7.3. Targeted Outcome to Forecast

8. Divison Growth / New Clients