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E.O.D by Mind Map: E.O.D

1. Texture

1.1. The texture is the smooth counter tops

1.2. The wall is bumpy

1.3. The texture of the chairs is silky smooth

2. Space

2.1. The large open room has a lot of space in the walk way

2.2. The walk way is long and the house is very tall and open

2.3. The room is super tall and the area is open

3. Verticals lines

3.1. I see vertical lines on the window

3.2. I see a vertical line on the pole

3.3. There is vertical lines on the wall

4. Horizontal lines

4.1. The walls have horizontal lines

4.2. The walls have horizontal lines

4.3. The drawers are horizontal

5. Diagonal lines

5.1. The ceiling is diagonal

5.2. The wall has diagonal lines

5.3. The ceiling has diagonal lines

6. Curved lines

6.1. The stairs are curved

6.2. The ceiling is curved

6.3. The steps are curved

7. Zig zag lines

7.1. The walls are zig zags

7.2. The carpet has zig zag lines

7.3. The comforter has zig zag lines