Elements of  Design

Plan your projects and define important tasks and actions

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Elements of  Design by Mind Map: Elements of  Design

1. I like the texture of the bed head it's soft and cozy

2. There are horizontal  lines on the floor

2.1. KPI's

3. Vertical lines are found in on the 2 gray chairs

4. Vertical lines

4.1. There are vertical lines found on the closet

4.2. There are vertical lines found  on the window , the black outlines

5. Texture

5.1. I like the texture of this dresser is a wood kind which looks like it will go with alot

5.2. I like the texture of the bed head, it's leather and soft

6. Diagonal lines

6.1. There are diagonal lines found  on the doors

6.2. The diagonal lines are found on the stairs

6.3. There are zig zag lines found  on the little g in the back, that is put on a canvas

6.3.1. Define actions as necessary

6.4. The stairs again have diagonal lines

7. Space

7.1. The space is just enough for a husband and wife and it's a simple space.

7.2. The space is plenty  room  I like how it's spaced out

7.3. I like the bed spacing away from the wall

7.3.1. Included

7.3.2. Included

7.3.3. Excluded

8. Zig Zag lines

8.1. There are zig zag lines found on the tile  that is behind the counter

8.1.1. Project specifications

8.1.2. End User requirements

8.1.3. Action points sign-off

8.2. There is are  zigzag lines found on the tile back drop thing behind the sink

9. Curved lines

9.1. The headboard has a odd shape that curves in

9.2. There are curved lines on the wall

9.3. There are curved lines found on the rug

10. Horizontal Lines

10.1. In this design horizontal lines are found in the flooring

10.1.1. Dependencies

10.1.2. Milestones

10.2. There are horizontal lines on the wall

10.2.1. Schedule

10.2.2. Budget