Elements of Design

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Elements of Design by Mind Map: Elements of Design

1. Space

1.1. The room itself doesn't have much space, but the designers used brighter colors to make the space appear bigger.

1.2. Instead of putting the washer and dryer on the floor, these people put it into the wall, so they save much more space.

1.3. The white shower makes it look so open.

2. Vertical Lines

2.1. Accent wall above the head of the bed.

2.2. The wood under the window, along with the support beams going up th wall.

2.3. The exterior of the house is all vertical.

2.4. They made good use of the space by putting a desk under the stairs.

3. Horizontal Lines

3.1. There are faint lines on the wall

3.2. The direction of the wood on the cabinets

3.3. The lines are going all the way around the room.

4. Diagonal Lines

4.1. The diagonal lines are on the ground surrounding the pool.

4.2. The lines are on the ceiling going both ways.

4.3. The lines are going diagonal on the staircase

5. Curved Lines

5.1. The lines can be found everywhere from the couches to the carpet to the chairs.

5.2. The two staircases are curving in.

5.3. The above wall to the pillars is curved along with the stairs go in a circle around the living area.

6. Zig Zag Lines

6.1. The zig zag lines are on the floor.

6.2. Lines are on the curtains, the blanket, and the furniture.

6.3. There is an accent wall above the head of the bed.

7. Texture

7.1. The texture is on the wall next to the stairs.

7.2. The texture can be found on the accent wall around the fireplace

7.3. On the wall to the right, where the texture looks a little like white wicker