Resilience - Big Ideas Eric Grietens

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Resilience - Big Ideas Eric Grietens by Mind Map: Resilience - Big Ideas  Eric Grietens

1. Just get to the DOT

2. Start with Identity - Who do you want to be?

2.1. Feelings -> Action -> Identity

2.2. Identity -> Actions -> Feelings

2.3. Watch this video

3. 2 Kinds of Pain

3.1. 2 Kinds of Pain

3.1.1. The Pain we seek Growth, challenging our comfort zone

3.1.2. The pain that seeks us Regret Whatever happens

4. Don't wait for HOW in order to start

4.1. You are not stopped by the lack of knowledge of HOW to do something

4.1.1. You are stopped by the COURAGE to do it

4.1.2. Not knowing how is not an excuse to not getting started

4.1.3. Better is your bearing.

4.1.4. You don't need to know what perfect is. Just better

4.2. Your task is not to begin in Noble place.

4.2.1. But to end there

4.2.2. Start where you are

5. Our Motivations purify over time

5.1. You don't begin with 100% pure motives. Your motives might be embarrassing next to the excellence you want to reach

5.1.1. Your motives purify over time

5.1.2. Just start

5.1.3. Just like Bill Gates

5.2. We often begin with Selfish, fallible motives

5.3. If you wait for the perfect motives or perfect intention - you may never start

6. Our Heros are Flawed

6.1. Just like we are

6.2. If we believe our heros are flawless

6.2.1. We start to believe that we are incapable of heroism, because we are flawed.

6.3. All heroism is a struggle against our own inadequacies

6.4. Every Achilles has an Achilles Heel

7. What you work on Works on you

7.1. What your work on - Works on You

7.2. We are shaped by what we do

7.3. Focus on creating Habits that will make YOU

8. "Pre-meditation of Evil" - Seneca

8.1. Don't expect the  path to be easy

8.1.1. There will be obstacles and challenges

8.2. Think about how you will handle those challenges as you come across them

8.3. Imagine the best possible outcome and the worst possible path

8.4. 3 kinds of people

8.4.1. Resilient minds forge ahead fully expecting challenges and problems

8.4.2. Cowards stop themselves in face of fear

8.4.3. Naive minds expect the road to be easy

8.5. StockDale Paradox

8.5.1. POW in Vietnam - James Stockdale

8.5.2. Paradox Have faith that you will survive But confront the brutal, honest facts right now

9. The worst form of stress

9.1. The absence of stress

9.2. Dont wish life was easier

10. Some are stronger at the broken places.

10.1. "The world breaks everyone. But afterwards.... Some are stronger at the broken places. Some are not." - Hemmingway

11. 1st step to Resilience

11.1. Taking responsibility

11.1.1. Not for everything that happens to you

11.1.2. But for how you deal with everything that happens to you

11.1.3. If you take more responsibility You will need more and more courage Because you will face more and more fear

12. Practice Resilience

12.1. Resilience is a Virtue

12.1.1. We can practice resilience And it grows

12.2. We are not born with Virtues. We are born with the ability to practice virtues. - Aristotle

12.3. Practice and repetition are key to character growth

13. Single most important ingredient of a good life

13.1. Aristotle treated friendships as the single most important ingredient of a good life

13.2. 3 kinds of friendships

13.2.1. Acquaintances For example business acquaintances

13.2.2. Virtue The most important kind They have the same virtues as us The deepest bonds are formed not when we are looking at each other but when we are together looking at the same thing in the same direction We have to find them, cultivate them and make them happen

13.2.3. Pleasure Just fun to be around

14. Commitments and Constraints

14.1. The keys to a great life

14.2. Embrace your commitments

14.2.1. They give you the opportunity to grow

14.3. Embrace the constraints

14.3.1. No game is fun if there are no constraints

14.4. With commitments life is hard

14.4.1. Without commitments, life is very hard to bear Nobody to look for Nothing to look forward to