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Boom Sourcing by Mind Map: Boom Sourcing

1. Resources

1.1. Team Members

1.1.1. Samantha Durfey - Project manager [email protected]

1.1.2. Devin Stagg - Marketing Specialist [email protected]

1.2. Wiki

1.3. Foxtail Analytics

1.4. Teamwork


2.1. GOALS

2.1.1. CPA under $100

2.2. Buyer Personas

2.2.1. Bob the Director 38 Years Old Male Works at medium sized tech company in Utah Acquiring but not closing leads Lacks time or knowledge to score leads Looking to improve overall sales process Active on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook

2.2.2. Small Business CEO Dave 35 Male CEO of small B2B startup of tech/Saas Zero time for sales Limited budget for sales people Has inbound strategy that is acquiring leads Growing too fast to keep up with amount of leads Active on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google, etc.

2.3. Customer Journey

2.3.1. Online Discovery will be searching online realizes they need help with sales items Will more than likely come into first contact through an online search. Will do further research before purchasing: Reviews, case studies, etc.

3. Deployment Strategies

3.1. Email

3.2. SEO

3.3. Social Media Promotion

4. SEO Strategy

4.1. Onsite Optimization

4.1.1. Meta Information

4.1.2. title tags

4.1.3. alt tags

4.1.4. internal linking

4.1.5. site speed

4.1.6. keyword focused content

4.1.7. URL structure

4.1.8. Microdata

4.1.9. External linking

4.2. Offsite Optimization

4.2.1. Anchor text analysis

4.2.2. link profile audit

4.2.3. disavow links

4.2.4. competitive link opportunities

4.3. Link Building

4.3.1. Monthly Link Building (1/mo DA 50+)

4.3.2. Broken Link Fixes

5. Paid Ads

5.1. Paid Social

5.1.1. Targeted ads on Facebook to CEOs, sales managers. etc.

5.2. PPC

5.2.1. PPC Campaign focusing on search terms related to the industry, but at a price that will work in ads budget

5.2.2. Run display ads on specific web pages such as:, etc.

5.3. Remarketing

5.3.1. Run remarketing ads on  Facebook and Adwords

5.4. Landing Pages

5.4.1. Design remarketing landing page

5.4.2. Design targeted ads landing page

5.5. Gmail Ads

5.5.1. Test gmail ads. The theory behind this is business owners use emails frequently, and therefore that is a great platform to find them on.