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Project Plan by Mind Map: Project Plan

1. Physical Education

1.1. this subject teaches us to be physically fit and how to maintain it.

1.2. We performed alot of physical activities like sit and reach, catch the ball and many more.

2. Empowerment Technology

2.1. In this subject we were required to make a google account to those who still don't have an account and to those who has already that would less hassle.

2.2. We made documents in GMAIL with my group mates and that was kind a difficult

2.3. We try to do the basic steps in doing the Photoshop.

3. Science

3.1. The Origin of the Universe

3.1.1. Big Bang Theory

3.1.2. Steady State Theory

3.1.3. Inflation Theory

3.1.4. String Theory

3.2. Origin of the Solar System

3.2.1. Descartes' Vortex

3.2.2. Buffon's Collision Theory

3.2.3. Solar Nebular Theory

4. Pre-Calculus

4.1. This teaches us how to solve the Conics Sections.

4.1.1. Circle

4.1.2. Parabola

4.1.3. Ellipse

4.1.4. Hyperbola

5. English

5.1. Taught us the basic definition of Communication

5.2. The 4 Models of Communication

5.2.1. Aristotle's Model

5.2.2. Claude Shannon & Warren Weaver' Model

5.2.3. Wilbur Schrumm's Model

5.2.4. Eugene White's Model

6. Filipino

6.1. In this subject, out teacher taught us what is "Wika"

7. Mathematics

7.1. Our subject-teacher taught us different equations and how to solve it