Digital Media KPIs

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1. Audience

1.1. Potential Students

1.2. Accepted Applicants

1.3. Existing Students

1.4. Alumni

1.5. Parents

1.6. Faculty

1.7. Donors

1.8. Broader Community

1.9. Sports Fans

2. Objectives

2.1. Increasing Admissions

2.2. Increasing Student Retention Rate

2.3. Raising Awareness of Athletic, research and community programs

2.4. Increasing attendance at sporting events

2.5. Raising money through gifts and endowments

2.6. Fostering faculty culture, communication and Learning

2.7. Attracting talented faculty

2.8. Fathering Feedback to Improve programs and curricula

3. KPI Definitions

3.1. Content Marketing

3.1.1. KPI for improvement Inbound links Lead Quality ( Conversion ratio ) Customer Feedback Seo rankings Customer Loyalty Social Engagement /shares Ratio Facebook shares Twitter shares Pinterest Shares Instagram shares User retention Page Depth traversal

3.2. PPC

3.2.1. KPI for improvement Cost per Conversion Click Through Ratio Quality Score Cost per Click Conversion Rate

3.3. User Experience

3.3.1. KPIs for improvement Ecommerce Conversions Rate( Donations / Visits ) Goal Conversion Rates ( important events / visits ) Product page conversion ( sales / visits to product page ) Donation Cart abandanment Bounce Rate Unique visitors Returning Visitors Page views per visit Web Page Load time Visit / Session length Time on Page Time on Website Incomplete Form abandanment Internal Searches Unique Social Actions

3.3.2. Strategies For improvement 1. Interface Design Flow Changes 2. Site Speed Improvement 3. User Experience Flow  / Navigation

3.4. Email Marketing

3.4.1. KPIs  for Improvement Email Newsletter Churn Email Subscribe rate Emails sent Emails Bounced Emails forwards Email campaigns Email open Rates Email Dlivery Rates Click Through Rates Email to Conversion Rate Unsubscribe Rate Sms Subscribers

3.5. SEO

3.5.1. KPIs for Improvements On-Page Keywords in Title Title Length optimization Keywords in meta Meta length optimization Keywords in Body Keywords in H1 Keywords in H2-H6 Keywords in Bold / Italic Keywords in Link Anchors Keyword in Alt Multiple Canonical Urls Conflicting character encoding check Frame use elimination W3c HTML errors & warnings Url Length URL titles No. of links on page Page Size Uncompressed resources Uncompressed images Uncached Resources Unminified resources Render Blocking Javascript / CSS Mobile friendly Design Viewport configuration Off-Page Backlinks

3.6. Social Media Marketing

3.6.1. KPI for Improvement Facebook Facebook Likes Avg. Unique Post Impressions Avg. Unique Post Interactions Avg. Post consumptions Avg. Post Organic Reach Avg. Post Paid Reach Facebook Referrals Facebook Fans Twitter Twitter Follow Rate Twitter followers Tweets Retweets Incoming Twitter Links Twitter Profile Views Instagram Followers Likes Engangements Comments Youtube Youtube View reviews Youtube Channel Comments Youtube Channel Subscriptions Youtube favourites Video Views Other Social Sharing Slideshare views Forum mentions Blog Article Blog Comments Diggs Stumble upon Reviews StumbleUpon thumbs up Online review Mentions Bookmarks on Delicious Google +1s