Void Form - How To Get It And What To Do With It

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Void Form - How To Get It And What To Do With It by Mind Map: Void Form - How To Get It And What To Do With It

1. Inside Void Form: Filling The Gap With Mind Flay

1.1. While you're in your void form, there's going to be plenty of time in-between your void bolts that you need to fill with additional damage. Mind Flay is a great tool for putting out some additional pressure during these moments, you just have to make sure that you never channel the entire cast if the enemy team has interrupts ready. Remember that your goal during void form is to cast void bolt on cooldown, so being interrupted on shadow is one of the worst things that can happen. Just a few ticks of mind flay on your main target is a great way to efficiently increase your damage while waiting for void void bolt to come off cooldown. Just make sure you don't get kicked! Another great thing to keep in mind is that mind flay is really good to use in between void bolts because even if you channel it for just a moment, you'll at least get some damage out of it, whereas if you attempt to cast a mind blast, which you're going to have to fake to avoid being kicked, you won't get anything done.

1.1.1. AAaw In the last example we showed you, Zunniyakis team decide to go for a kill on the rogue. As we already discussed, when you finish casting your void eruption, your void bolt is on cooldown for a few seconds. Because Zunniyaki already has his dots on the rogue, he channels a few ticks of Mind Flay before canceling the cast and using Void Bolt as soon as it comes off cooldown. Editing

1.1.2. AAat Again here we can see Zunniyakis team attempting to get some single target pressure on the mage. After using void bolt on the mage to refresh his dots, he channels a mind flay which he then cancels to shield himself, before once again using another void bolt. Editing

2. Intro

2.1. Hey everyone, and welcome to our video on maximizing your void form. Understanding how this ability affects your damage rotations, as well as how to perfectly play around both achieving and using it will allow you to deal significantly more damage throughout the game. As a shadow priest, being able to put out massive pressure in this way is essential to success.

3. Void Form Essentials

3.1. Most of you likely know this already, but for any shadow priest, achieving void form is going to be your #1 goal throughout every phase of an arena match, and to cast void eruption, you need to reach 70 insanity, so that's what you'll be constantly working towards.

3.2. Another really key thing to understand about void form is that it unlocks the ability Void Bolt, which, when cast, will refresh your DOTs. For this reason, it's extremely beneficial to already have your DOTs set up when you enter void form, so you don't have to waste time casting those spells inside void form. So, before casting Void Eruption, you need to make sure that you already have Vampiric Touch on at least two targets, as it's your highest damage and most important DOT. With this setup in place, you won't have to worry about casting DOTs, and you'll be able to just spam Void Bolt for way more damage.

3.2.1. Consider having vampiric touch up on the entire enemy team before going into void form

3.2.2. Consider casting void eruption to go into void form once you're over 70 insanity after getting VT up on at least two targets

3.2.3. AAat Here's a great example of our rank 1 shadow priest doing just this. In this clip, you can clearly see Zunniyaki ensuring that he has VT down on both the mage and rogue before casting Void eruption. So, the moment he was above 70 insanity and had VT on two targets, he casted void eruption Editing

4. Casting Void Eruption

4.1. So, now that we have a really good understanding of how we need to prepare for void form with at least two VT's, let's look at what it takes to actually cast void eruption. Because of how long your void eruption cast is, it's usually not worth trying to fake your cast. We highly recommend just trying to cast through interrupts in order to not waste a lot of time faking yourself on such a long cast.

4.1.1. AAal Here's another great example of Zunniytaki demonstrating a concept perfectly. He doesn't fake his void eruption and just allows the rogue to kick him.    And then moments later, he's able to complete his void eruption cast in order to get into his void form. Editing

4.2. And for all your horde players out there, trolls are by far the best race for shadow priests, not only because they say "mon" and their male dace is the capoeira, but also because haste is your best stat as a shadow priest, and that's exactly what the troll racial gives you. You're able to use your troll racial to give you a faster cast on your void eruption, which can help out a ton in getting that cast off.

4.2.1. AAi In this example, Zunniyaki cancels his mass dispel cast and in doing so, actually fakes the rogue. Zunniyaki is then able to take advantage of this by using his troll racial to get a much faster cast on his void eruption. Editing

5. Inside Void Form: Void Bolt

5.1. Now that we're finally in our void form, it's time to look at exactly what we should be doing during this time. As we mentioned at the start of this video, void form gives us access to void bolt, a high single target damaging ability that refreshes the duration of our dots on the target we use it on. Your goal with void bolt is to use it on cooldown. And in doing so, you should either be refreshing your dots on whoever you have them on or you should be pressuring the target you're trying to kill. This means that if someone's dots are about to fall off, you should use void bolt on them. Otherwise, you should void bolt your main kill target. It's also worth noting that you want to refresh the duration of both VT and Pain, so if you're not applying pain before going into void form, you can apply it once you're in void form, before using your first void bolt.

5.1.1. AAx Here we see a perfect example of how you should be managing your dots as you go into void form and how you should use void bolt. Zunniyaki first gets vampiric touch up on both the dps and then casts his void eruption. He then applies a shadow word: pain to the rogue and follows that up with his first void bolt just before vampiric touch fades, allowing him to refresh its duration. This is exactly what you should be trying to achieve with your void bolts. Editing

5.1.2. AAat Here we have another great example of Zunniyaki getting into void form, applying shadow word: pain, and then using void bolt to refresh hits dots. Notice how when a shadow priest finishes casting their void eruption, their void bolt is on cooldown for a few seconds. He uses this time to apply shadow word: pain to the mage, and then uses a void bolt on him to refresh the duration of his dots. Editing

5.1.3. AAaw This time let's focus more on how Zunniyaki uses void bolt on cooldown throughout his void form. Here, Zunniyakis team have decided to go for a kill on the rogue. Every time void bolt comes off cooldown, Zunniyaki makes sure to use it on the rogue. Editing

6. Outro

6.1. Okay everyone, that's it for this video. As always, thanks for watching and we'll see you next time.