Legion Content Explained

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Legion Content Explained by Mind Map: Legion Content Explained

1. Outro

1.1. Outro

1.1.1. Alright, so there's a quick update on where we're at with Skill-Capped in Legion and we hope you're all as excited as we are moving forward. Thanks for watching!

2. Intro

2.1. Intro 1

2.1.1. Hey everyone and welcome to our quick video to update you guys on where we are at with all of the super exciting content that we're releasing on Skill-Capped for the new expansion and the new arena season.

3. Structure

3.1. Slide

3.1.1. What's in this video

3.2. Structure 1

3.2.1. We're going to let you know what content we've already released for the expansion, what we're currently producing and all the content you can expect over the next few months.

3.3. Structure 2

3.3.1. Our plan has already been set in motion, with the production of our pre-expansion and legion launch content already underway, dozens of videos for legion have already been produced and released on our site.

4. So far

4.1. Slide

4.1.1. So far..

4.2. SF 1

4.2.1. During the pre-expansion, the game was subject to constant balance changes and tweaks. We were able to produce and release arena guides every day on Skill-Capped during that time to keep you updated daily on what steps the very top players were taking to re-master their class on beta before the first arena season in Legion.

4.3. SF 2

4.3.1. On top of that, we have released talent and comp articles for each class. With gear customisation gone, simply check out our articles for the most optimal talent and honor talent setups in arena, along with when and why you may change them based on the matchup.

5. Legion

5.1. Slide

5.1.1. Legion Arena

5.2. L1

5.2.1. Alright, now to the super exciting part. For the first time ever, we're going to be releasing at least 4 high-end arena class guides for each class and spec within the first 2 months of the first arena season. These are super high-end guides, that we at Skill-Capped have spent almost a year perfecting.

5.3. Question slide

5.3.1. Why 4 guides per class and spec?

5.4. L2

5.4.1. We're releasing four core, high end and intensely researched guides for each class to begin with since we'll be identifying the 4 key skills to improve in arena for each class.

5.5. L4

5.5.1. There's a fith video which we'll be adding to each course and is one we're very excited about. Due to the incredible amount of class-redesign in Legion, we'll be creating a 'knowing your enemy' guide for each class, where everyone can benefit from knowing exactly how to deal with your class in Legion, learning how to deal with demon hunters and exposing their weaknesses we're sure is going to be a popular one.

5.6. L5

5.6.1. By releasing the 4 key course guides per spec to begin with, you'll have access to the absolute most important things about being successful in arena in a timely manner for every class. Then once we're done with phase 1 of our content roll-out, we'll re-visit every class to add additional high-end guides until their courses are fully completed.

5.7. L6

5.7.1. Ontop of that, we'll continue to release matchup guides with Blizzcon commentator and two time blizzcon finalist Healingstat, along with two-time blizzcon finalist Zunniyaki continuing to interview top players and break down each popular match up for every class and spec on a daily basis.