Single Target Pressure, Bursting And Killing

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Single Target Pressure, Bursting And Killing by Mind Map: Single Target Pressure, Bursting And Killing

1. It All Comes Together

1.1. After watching our guide on Void Form and now this guide, you should have all the tools you need to score a kill. Let's take a look at that last clip one more time to really get a feel for what it takes to deal a ton of damage when going for a kill.

1.1.1. AAaw Zunniyaki begins by casting his void eruption and getting into his void form. During the first few seconds where his void bolt is on cooldown, he channels a mind flay into the rogue because he's already got his dots up and doesn't want to spend time casting an entire mind blast that he will have to fake, resulting in him getting nothing out of it. Remember that mind flay is a channeled spell, so channeling it for just a second is much better then casting a mind blast and faking it. Zunniyaki then proceeds to use his first void bolt as soon as it comes off cooldown. He then dispels the rogue twice and again uses his void bolt as soon as it comes off cooldown. Now with void bolt on cooldown again, he has two free globals. He attempts to use his psyfiend and shield it, but unfortunately it's killed before he can shield it. Zunniyakis next offensive global is then his void bolt on the rogue as it's come off cooldown, followed by a mind blast proc. Remember that you want to avoid casting spells during your void form in order to avoid being locked out, which makes mind blast procs super valuable during void form. He then follows that global up with his mindbender, which is going to benefit from the 20% increased damage from his void form. With that in mind, it's worth noting that you should only use your mindbender during void form in order to get the most damage from it. He then uses another dispel magic as his void form fades. And now to close up the game, he uses his mind blast proc, and one last dispel magic which finally removes the earth shield buff and allows his mage to score the kill. Notice how we also have access to shadow word: death now with the rogue at low health, so if the rogue had not died here, we would of continued to chase the kill with shadow word: death. Editing

2. Intro

2.1. Hey everyone, and welcome to our video on Single Target Pressure, Bursting And Killing. Understanding how to apply single target pressure, as well as how to increase the effectiveness of your burst and kill attempts will make you much more of an offensive threat, and mean that you're that much more likely to actually score those kills.

3. Outro

3.1. Okay everyone, that's it for this video. As always, thanks for watching and we'll see you next time.

4. Setting Up Single Target Pressure With Your DoTs

4.1. Your first priority for dealing single target pressure, is to ensure that you have vampiric touch and shadow word: pain up on your target. This something you should always be keeping up on as many targets possible, but let's take a look at exactly what we're doing in the opener, before we've had a chance to do anything to the enemy team.

4.1.1. AAc In this example, the rogue mage shaman teams get's a really strong opener on Zunniyaki, not allowing him to do any damage during the first few moments of this game. Zunniyaki and his mage decide to switch onto the shaman, and with that, his first DPS globals are casting a vampiric touch and a shadow word: pain. Editing

5. Maximising Single Target Pressure and Insanity Regeneration With Mind Blast

5.1. As a Shadow Priest, you have the option of dealing damage to multiple people at the same time, or trying to generate more single target pressure. Whenever you're low on insanity and want to focus on dealing more single target pressure, you should make use of Mind Blast.

5.1.1. AAar Here, Zunniyaki is really low on insanity, and his team decides to start getting some pressure on the mage. Because he's already got his vampiric touch and shadow word: pain on the mage, he casts a mind blast. This generates a ton of insanity and allows him to channel his pressure onto the mage in that moment. Editing

6. Assisting Burst With Psyfiend

6.1. Psyfiend is a great tool for bursting people down. It will chase people behind pillars and applies a 50% slow as well as a 50% healing reduction while also dealing damage. Just make sure that whenever you use psyfiend, you shield it! It only has 10k health, so it basically dies to anything. If you don't shield your psyfiend, it's very likely to just instantly die. You should use the following macro help you with this.

6.1.1. /tar psyfiend /cast power word: shield /targetlasttarget

6.1.2. AAf In this example from earlier, Zunniyaki and his team are attempting to burst down the enemy teams resto shaman. In order to assist this burst, Zunniyaki uses his psyfriend and instantly uses that macro to shield it. Their mage uses a dragons breath straight afterwards, so if Zunniyaki didn't shield his psyfriend, it would of died straight away. Although the rogue does then switch onto the psyfiend and kill it, what matters here is getting into the habit of doing this everytime. Editing

7. Utilising Dispel Magic To Score Kills

7.1. Being able to offensively dispel someone when going for a kill is one of the best ways to increase the chances of you scoring a kill, and lucky for you, shadow priests have dispel magic! You don't want to be spamming this ability all game as you will go out of mana, but wheneer you're going for a kill, it's a great spell to use in between your void bolts to remove important buffs like earth shield

7.1.1. AAaw In this example, Zunniyakis has gotten into his void form and his team is attempting to go for a kill on their rogue. In between using void bolt on cooldown and his mind blast procs, Zunniyaki uses dispel magic to remove the rogues earth shield, which plays a big part in actually scoring this kill as earth shield provides the rogue with a 20% damage reduction. Editing