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Reformation by Mind Map: Reformation

1. church abuses

1.1. popes competed with italian princes for political power.

1.2. fought wars to protect the papal stated from invators.

2. martin luther

2.1. believed all christians have equal access to god through faith and the bible.

2.2. translated parts of the bible into german because he wanted all ordinary people to be able to read it.

2.3. wanted every town to have a school so children could learn to read the bible.

2.4. banned indulgences, confession, pilgrimages, and prayers to saints.

2.5. new printing presses spread his writings

2.6. declared that "Printing wasa gods highest act of grace."

2.7. lutherans were now being called protestant for those who protested papal authority.

3. Switzerland's Reformation

3.1. challenged the catholic church

3.2. Ulrich Zwingli

3.2.1. priest/ admirer of Erasmus

3.2.2. lived in the swiss city of Zurich

3.2.3. stressed importance of the bible and rejected elaborate church rituals

3.3. John Calvin

3.3.1. reformer

3.3.2. born in france

3.3.3. trained as a priest and lawyer

3.3.4. 1536-published book that set forth religious beliefs and explained how to run a protestant church.

3.3.5. believed in predestination; idea that god had long ago determined who would gain salvation.

3.3.6. to Calvinists, the world had two kinds of people; saints & sinners. Calvinists tried to live like saints, believing only those who were saved could live truly christian lives.

3.3.7. theocracy; government run by church leaders

3.3.8. by the 1500s calvinism was spread across germany, france, the netherlands, scottland, and england.

4. Protestant Sects

4.1. followed variations of teachings of Calvin, Luther, and Zwingli