Front Desk Communication  Flow

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Front Desk Communication  Flow by Mind Map: Front Desk Communication  Flow

1. Housekeeping :

1.1. if guest request service/ no service, towels,

2. Maintenance/ Engineering

2.1. Plumbing issues, tv issues, ac issues, broken items in room, clean pool, issues with pool

3. Room Service

3.1. Food & Beverage orders,

4. Log Book

4.1. Communication for Front desk staff members about guest complaints, issues or important events

5. Central reservations

5.1. to complete sale , transfer guests

6. Sales Department

6.1. transfer for special group rates, meeting room sales,

7. Information Director

7.1. guest questions about dining, transportation, shopping areas, etc..

8. Mail/Packages

8.1. UPS, Fedex communication for sending and and receiving mail

9. Email/ Fax

9.1. communication between third party sales, bookings, credit card authorizations forms

10. Adminstration

10.1. guest complaints directed to managers on duty

11. Reader Board

11.1. daily events, name of groups in hotel and meeting room with agenda times and meeting times

12. Recreation Department

12.1. Pool attendants, spa,