Film Opening Synopsis

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Film Opening Synopsis by Mind Map: Film Opening Synopsis

1. Setting

1.1. Dark empty forest. not  well lit which helps add to the fear

1.2. Quiet road at night  the silence so help make the audience and uncomfortable

2. Plot

2.1. victim takes short cut home and get murdered Boyfriend  finds her dead and gets a text saying "I know what you saw and your next"

3. Characters

3.1. Girlfriend -victim

3.2. Boyfriend - find the girl dead

3.3. Friends- get texts saying your next

3.3.1. xt

4. Costume

4.1. Victim

4.1.1. Revealing outfit

4.1.2. in heels, so when running she  drops

4.2. killer

4.2.1. black hoodie with hood up

4.2.2. black dirty trousers

5. Props

5.1. Household Knife- the weapon the killer uses to murderer the innocent victim

5.2. Mobile phone- receive texts from killer

6. Editing

6.1. Fast paced

6.1.1. chasing scene

6.2. slow paced

6.2.1. Fabian and Deborah walking

6.2.2. when Deborah is walking alone in the forest To help build tension

7. Diegesis

7.1. silence for a while and the a sudden loud thunder to shock the audience

7.2. diagetic sounds of victim slowly walking through forest can hear the leave crushing