Comm Tech Exit Slip: In the form of  concept map!

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Comm Tech Exit Slip: In the form of  concept map! by Mind Map: Comm Tech Exit Slip: In the form of  concept map!

1. Why is it valuable to do concept mapping with technology, why not just use pencil and paper or a chalkboard?

1.1. Students at times may have troubles organizing their thoughts. some student also have trouble organizing their writing. Their legibility of their work may be poor, therefore it hinders their ability to show what they know. Using technology instead may give them a way to clearly share their ideas.

1.2. The online concept mapping allows for the addition of links, emojis, and colours. This may make the assignment more engaging for students.

2. How can concept mapping can improve student learning?

2.1. Concept mapping can be great for group work. Many concept mapping sites are able to be used collaboratively. This can allow for collaboration of ideas and be great for group work.

2.1.1. A downside with this, as seen in todays class, is that a large amount of users can cause strain on the website.

2.2. This is a great way to integrate technology into the classroom and help with increasing technological literacy.

2.3. Concept mapping not only is a great way to organize ideas. We are able to draw lines to connect ideas to other  ideas that may be too difficult to explain in paragraph form. For example, as discussed in class, the nitrogen cycle is hard to understand in paragraph form. However, through creating a mind map of the process creates a visual way to understand.

3. When should digital concept mapping be used in the classroom?

3.1. Concept mapping can be used to help any individual or group organize their thoughts and ideas in pictorial form.

3.2. As we did today in class, we organized resources that could be useful for us as future educators. This could be a great idea for students to organize resources that they may use in their learning.

3.3. An example given today in class was organizing ideas in a novel study. The branches of the concept map could include themes, characters, setting. the students would then branch out with examples and details.