Film opening synopsis

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Film opening synopsis by Mind Map: Film opening synopsis

1. Locations

1.1. Forest - this forest will have high trees, which stops the light from appearing , so it will give it a dark, spooky look as the protagonist  will feel like there is no way out .

1.2. park- we will use a park bench because that is were we see the most clowns are, which will make it more realistic

2. Costume

2.1. killer clown

2.1.1. big clown shoes, as the victim will hear the shoes before actually sing the killer clown

2.1.2. bright clothing so it will stand out in the dark

3. Diegesis

3.1. Non- diegetic sound

3.1.1. Trees brushing together giving and unsettling mood

3.1.2. when the clown is walking- hearing the crushing of the leaves, this is a very haunting sound and will give off a bad feeling to the audience

3.2. diegetic sound

3.2.1. the music - Should  add to the fear

4. Props

4.1. Knife

4.1.1. This will be the main weapon of the killer, This weapon shows danger, crazy, silence weapon.

4.2. Mobile phone

4.2.1. this will be used to show the next victim the killer clown will be coming for him/hers.

5. Editing

5.1. Fast paced

5.1.1. Chasing scene

5.2. slow paced

5.2.1. at the beginning, to build tension

6. Cinematography

6.1. Close up

6.1.1. to show pear on victims face

6.2. Extreme long shot

6.2.1. establishing shot, of where the film is set

6.3. match on action

6.3.1. used at running scene