GSEP Hiring Process

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GSEP Hiring Process by Mind Map: GSEP Hiring Process

1. New Staff Position Created

2. Staff Member Vacates Position

2.1. Supervisor

2.1.1. 1. Vacating Staff Member gives 2-week notice to supervisor. 2. Supervisor emails signed resignation letter with Dean and Associate Dean (AD). AD forwards letter to Central HR who will begin separation process and prepare paper check for vacating staff member’s final day including unused vacation days. 3. Supervisor begins off boarding process: Staff member creates electronic/paper binder of all needed job tasks and cleans office. 4. If Supervisor desires substantive changes to job, Supervisor meets with Dean. 5. If minimal or no changes needed or once substantive changes are approved by Dean, Supervisor meets with AD to update job description if needed and to indicate 4 desired staff/faculty members to serve on Search Committee. Supervisor shares list of 6-9 questions to be asked of applicants during hiring process with AD. 6. After Search Committee has reviewed applicants and had face-to-face interviews, 3-4 finalists are brought to the Supervisor for interviews. 7. Supervisor shares 2 top candidates with Dean. 8. Executive Assistant to Dean arranges interview times with final candidates with Dean. 9. Dean shares numeric scores based on interview. 10. Supervisor makes final selection of candidate. Supervisor lets Assistant Dean know start date of new hire. 11. Supervisor/staff/GA's prepare office space for new staff member.

2.2. Assistant Dean

2.2.1. ASSISTANT DEAN 1. AD forwards letter of resignation to Central HR which begins formal separation process. 2. AD meets with Supervisor to obtain any changes or updates to job description and obtains list of Search Committee from Supervisor as well as desired interview questions. 3. AD forwards updated job description to Administrative Manager (AM) for posting through Central HR. 4. AD forwards Search Committee members and interview questions to AM for scheduling of initial application review and face to face interviews and creating of interview materials. 5. AD or AM facilitates each review of initial applications and face to face interviews. 6. After finalist selected by search committee, and meets with Supervisor and Dean, Supervisor lets AD know the finalist and the start date. After Dean negotiates salary, that number is shared with AD. AD generates an offer letter through Central HR. 7. AD informs AM of finalist to begin onboarding items as well as sending decline letters to those not selected for hiring.

2.3. Administrative Manager

2.3.1. ADMINISTRATIVE MANAGER 1. AD forwards updated job description to AM for posting in Page Up. 2. AD forwards Search Committee Members and Interview Question to AM for arranging of committee details/interview packets and schedules. 3. AM coordinates with Central HR the appropriate skills testing for candidates. 4. AD or AM facilitates each search and hiring committee meeting. 5. After interview process, AD will let AM know the finalist. AM will send decline letters to other applicants. 6. AM will provide support for all onboarding items: • Create Help Desk Ticket with IT regarding phone, computer, printer and copier access. • Key requested from Pam Ortega prior to the Thursday before the staff member’s first day of work • Cabinet Keys requested from Lonnie • Key Card Form completed and given • Business card template completed and ordered • Mailbox created in mailroom • Gold name badge ordered through American Award Company • ID created on first floor on staff member’s first day.

2.4. Search Committee

2.4.1. SEARCH COMMITTEE 1. The Supervisor selects a search committee of staff and faculty when available. At least one staff member should work in department with vacancy. 2. The AM reaches out to Central HR to add all Search Committee members to view applications only. 3. The AM reaches out to Search Committee to determine a one-hour time to review applications. 4. SM meets facilitated by AD or AM to select 5-7 candidates to interview in person. 5. AD gives applicants selected by Search Committee to AM who arranges a day of interviews. 6. Search Committee spends day interviewing candidates using questions created by Supervisor. 7. Search Committee lets AD know the final 3-4 candidates to be brought in for Supervisor interview.

2.5. Central HR

2.5.1. CENTRAL HR 1 AD forwards letter of resignation to Central HR to begin the formal separation process. A check is sent to Supervisor to be remitted to vacating staff member on their last day, which includes any accrued vacation days paid out. 2 AM submits job description to PageUp for approvals and posting from Central HR. 3 Central HR gives committee member access to search committee members so they may view applications. 4 Central HR provides skills testing codes and access as requested by AM. 5 Once final candidate has been selected, AD lets Central HR know to that offer letter will be generated in PageUp . Central HR sends out offer letter and other hiring information.

2.6. Executive Assistant to the Dean

2.6.1. Executive Assistant to the Dean arranges for the two candidates to be brought in to meet with Dean, as well as facilitating their “Strengths Finder” test.

2.7. Dean

2.7.1. DEAN, GSEP 1. AD forwards signed resignation letter of vacating staff member to Dean. 2. If the Supervisor wishes to propose editing current job description, they will meet with the Dean to discuss department needs and propose edits. 3. Once final two candidates have been selected through the search process, Executive Assistant to the Dean arranges for the two candidates to be brought in to meet with Dean, as well as facilitating their “Strengths Finder” test. 4. After interview, the Dean makes recommendation in a numeric form to the Supervisor. 5. Supervisor checks references of finalist and then makes the final decision on the final candidate and lets the Dean know. 6. The Dean and Budget Manager decide on an appropriate salary. The Dean presents and if necessary negotiates this salary with new staff member. This information is shared with AD to create offer letter, along with start date shared by Supervisor.

3. Linear Process

3.1. Step One

3.2. Step Two