Film opening synopsis

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Film opening synopsis by Mind Map: Film opening synopsis

1. Setting

1.1. Forest, dimed lighting, dark with no where to run or hide

1.2. Road quiet, silence neighbourhood

2. Editing

2.1. When victim notices killer

3. Costume

3.1. Victims

3.1.1. Bright clothing, normal wear

3.2. Killer

3.2.1. Black clothing, hoodie

3.2.2. shoes black, gloves black and black covering of face

4. Diegesis

4.1. People walking past, sound of leaves to show realism

4.2. Non diagetic sound of thunder or music to create suspense

5. Plot

5.1. Victim is with boyfriend but decides to take short cut home alone when she gets killed by killer and boyfriend finds body and sees message on his phone " I know what you saw and your next"

6. Characters

6.1. Girlfriend-victim

6.2. Boyfriend

6.3. Killer

7. Props

7.1. Knife- weapon used to kill victim

7.2. Phone