Constant rejection: A lesson in retaining users

Talk by Casey Winters, Growth Advisor (Pinterest, Grubhub) during WMD 2016.

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Constant rejection: A lesson in retaining users by Mind Map: Constant rejection: A lesson in retaining users

1. 8. Loyalty / Engagement Programs

1.1. Find your bucket to focus on

1.2. Grubhub – Example :

1.2.1. Figured out their users ordered food, but did not always use Grub (only 1 in 3 times) Conducted Survey: Last time you ordered food, you did not use Grubhub - why?” Found out: users had different behavior if ordered from restaurants prior to using grubhub so still ordered directly --> loyalty program helped to get these customers back onto grubhub Introduced "YummyRummy" (variable rewards program)

2. "Retention is like teenage sex"

2.1. everyone says they are doing it

2.2. Nobody is doing it well!

3. Twitter – Example

3.1. Acquisition = great

3.1.1. 1B dorment users

3.2. Suck at retaining users -- users did not get product

3.2.1. 300M active users

4. How do you improve retention?

4.1. First understand: What causes retention?

5. 1. Product improvements

5.1. retention is driven by a maniacal focus on improving the core product

5.1.1. reducing friction of current product reduce features

5.1.2. NOT adding features

5.2. Grubhub - example

5.2.1. increased restaurant variety

5.2.2. lowered minimums and delivery fees

5.2.3. buried guest ordering Vol. of people using "guest order" increased retention of "Guest" decreased

5.3. Pinterest - example

5.3.1. localize recommendations

5.3.2. localize key actions in product pin board

5.3.3. connect men to topics instead of topics (who were likely women)

6. 2. Onboarding & Education

6.1. depends on product!

6.1.1. Grubhub - people get how to order

6.1.2. Pinterest - onboarding is crucial

6.2. Get people to core value of your product as fast as possible (but not faster)

6.3. Educate user - contextually

7. 3. Emails

7.1. Test manually, then automate and personalize

7.1.1. Pinterest – Example: MISTAKE: users do not care about how Pinterest works -- stopped sending those emails and started curating content

7.1.2. Grubhub – Example: Emailed users and asked what they wanted to get

7.2. Send email like a personal assistant, NOT like a marketer

7.2.1. right content

7.2.2. right time time of week/day

7.2.3. right amount

7.3. Variables that MATTER & that you should TEST

7.3.1. subject lines

7.3.2. content

7.3.3. CTAs

7.4. DESIGN does NOT matter

7.5. Tools – segment users:

7.5.1. Exacttarget

8. 4. Notifications & Badging

8.1. copy matters + landing experience (deep linking)

8.2. start with transactional, and take baby steps tp test other types of messages

8.3. Badging is severely under-utilized, especially on Android

8.3.1. Pinterest built NEW experience

9. 5. Customer Service

9.1. Grubhub:

9.1.1. trained cust. service to spot users who had bad experience -- to make up for User becomes more loyal

9.1.2. Train cust. service reps to use FB + Twitter

10. 6. New Platforms

10.1. go multi-platform

10.1.1. Grubhub: $10 off for first mobile order

11. 7. Promotions

11.1. Don't do them

12. Casey Winters, Growth Advisor

12.1. @onecaseman


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