Provincial Jails overcrowding

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Provincial Jails overcrowding by Mind Map: Provincial Jails overcrowding

1. violence

1.1. lawyers calling for action

1.2. creating extremely unsafe conditions

1.3. risk of offenders and staff in conflicts and violence

2. expansion

2.1. 26% offenders were double-bunking in ontario and Prairie regions in 2012-2013

2.1.1. also found double-bunking was accruing in cells smaller than 5 square meters

2.1.2. after construction is complete Correctional Service Canada expects double-bunking to continue

2.2. according to governments policies double-bunking was temporary

2.2.1. has grown to become a permanent fixture of the system

3. current status

3.1. Ontario Ministry of Community Safety and Corrections revealed Ontario jails reached 98.5% capacity

3.2. worst overcrowding rates are in Toronto, Windsor, London, and Niagara regions which are overcrowded for many years

4. mental health

4.1. mental health services disappeared

4.2. offenders committed suicide

4.2.1. if they don't they still leave a negative impact on their mind

5. rising cost

5.1. they didn't transfer the inmates because too costly

5.2. 2010–2011 it cost $1.5 million to move 529 offenders

5.3. beginning nine months of 2013 the cost was raised to $3.4 million to transfer 908 offenders.

6. not enough room

6.1. cells meant for 2, now holds 3 or more

6.2. having to have more inmates than beds

6.3. few are forced to sleep in shower cells

6.4. cramming 3 in one cell caused conflicts and violence

7. rehabilitation

7.1. not rehabilitating people

7.2. criminal justice system

7.3. offenders serving out their time without access to programs or assistance

7.3.1. offenders leave the jail with little or no change at all