Wedding Planning

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Wedding Planning by Mind Map: Wedding Planning

1. Venue Locations

1.1. Fallbrook Tree House

2. Venue Decorations

2.1. Lighting

2.1.1. Ideas flicker bulbs lanterns ladders Single ladders scattered with lanterns on them Rope tying between w/lanterns hanging on rope short a-frames with ladder bridging on top w/ lanterns hanging from it. Jessica's candles next to lake old bulbs twig lantern

2.2. Flowers

2.3. Ideas

2.3.1. Fabric attached to high pt. like spokes

3. Ideas

3.1. clothespins

3.2. pinecones

3.3. jars

3.4. quilts

3.5. rocking chairs

3.6. tree stumps

3.7. ladders

4. Table

4.1. Decorations

4.1.1. tree trunk slice

4.1.2. Center Pieces Pete moss w/ manzanetta trees as

4.1.3. table number holder

4.2. Table Cloth

4.2.1. Old vintage table cloths

4.2.2. Don't match exactly, but similar style

4.2.3. Brown paper

4.3. Flowers

4.3.1. old wood boxes to hold them

4.4. Eating

4.4.1. Silverware Buy from thrift store

4.4.2. Plates RM buy from thrift stores; sell back after

4.4.3. Glasses Jars from Wal Mart Plastic party cups jar company tall 12 other jar co.

4.4.4. beverage vessels gallon jug (jug1)

5. Theme

5.1. Vintage

5.2. Classy

5.3. 20's

5.4. Black and White

5.5. Icons

5.5.1. Keys

5.5.2. picture frames

5.5.3. world maps

5.5.4. Glass bottles

5.6. modern rustic

6. Save the Date/Invitations

6.1. Save the Date

6.2. Invitations

6.3. Ideas

6.3.1. Tree trunk cut out

7. Food

7.1. There will be none; jk :-)

8. Ceremony

8.1. Flowers

8.1.1. Peony

9. Micilaneous

9.1. Guest Book

9.2. Directions

9.2.1. Directional signs to point from main street to venue at every turning point.

9.3. Guest Gift

9.3.1. the glass drinking jars double as gift; clean and fill with coffee station; put personalized sticker on top.

9.4. Ring

9.4.1. Kateszabone Wedding ring modern bezel travel ring white saphire

10. Photography

10.1. Photography Booth

10.1.1. Props Old vintage picture frames Big fake eye glasses

10.1.2. Create/decide backdrop

10.2. Have 1-2 paid photographers

10.3. Designate 6-7 other people to take photos and video as they see fit; of people and things

10.4. Have someone take photo/video from accross the lake

10.5. Photo messages; have a station to be able to record a video message to the bride and groom

10.5.1. Create/decide backdrop

10.5.2. "stage" lights set up to be able to take after it gets dark too

10.5.3. Timing: encourage in between ceremony and reception. Maybe make several cameras available.

10.6. Maybe take a photo of everyone on the way in and put the pictures up on a loop on the projector during reception. Maybe incorporate this between ceremony and reception.

10.7. Video/Photo slideshow of pictures on projector. Create a long loop.

11. Flowers

11.1. inspiration website