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Play! - Horror by Mind Map: Play! - Horror

1. Stock Characters - The Jock (tough, strong and brave) - The Pretty Girl (delicate, flirtatious) - The Smart One (nerdy) - The Stoner (dumb, clumsy) - The Final Girl (intelligent) - The Dumb One (slow)

2. Protagonist Representations -Vulnerable -Innocent -Young -Female

3. Performance -Fearful -Panic -Terror -Menace

4. Props - Blood: - Knife: - Weapon: - Mask: Makes the antagonist seem more sinister as the protagonist and audience cannot identify who it is. - Insects

5. Camera Shots: -POV: When used on antagonist, it us used so that the audience can see the antagonist creeping up on the unknowing victim. When used with the protagonist, it is commonly used in scenes when they are running, to show a state of panic and urgency. -Close ups: Mostly used to stress detail. An example would be on frames of weapons, hands opening doors and emotions on a character's face. -Long shots (establishing shot): Used to set the place, and time of day. -Panning shots: Used to build tension and sometimes reveal the antagonist or some form of Jump Scare. Can also be used to simply establish the space the characters are in. -Tracking shots: Popularly used in chasing scenes and running scenes.

6. Costumes - Black clothes: Creates a fear of the unknown, mystery and also holds connotations of death, fear and danger - Capes: Used in films with characters such as Vampires etc. often in order to reveal the antagonist. - Masks: Creates a fear of the unknown - Prosthetic Makeup

7. Sounds - Heavy breathing: This creates high tension in the scene and tells the audience that the character is scared. - High pitch & fast tempo music: This type of sound is non-diegetic so it is done to enhance the audience's viewing. It would be used to build suspense before an important scene of the film. an example would be before someone is murdered. - Screaming - Rustling/twigs snapping  - Creaky floorboards: Often signalling to a character that they are not alone. This could mean the protagonist has revealed their position to the villain, or the antagonist has done it to scare the protagonist.

8. Stock Situations - Introduction of killer/psycho - High tension murders - Discovering the killer/psycho - Exorcism - Possessions - An (attempted) escape - Family being terrorised

9. Settings - Forest - Abandoned House - Haunted House - Cabin - Basement - Night - Warehouses - Urban town/city - Rural country house - Online

10. Colours -Greys -Blue -Red -Black -Dark green

11. Themes - Good VS Evil - Revenge - The Ultimate Sacrifice - Desperation - Vulnerability - Fear - Dog Eat Dog

12. Lighting - Low-Key lighting: this creates tension and sets the mood of the scene. - Chiaroscuro

13. Antagonist Representations - Heartless - Evil - Mysterious - Unpredictable - Sinister - Psychotic - Male Or Supernatural Character - Dominant