Network Engineering.

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Network Engineering. by Mind Map: Network Engineering.

1. What are some troubles with being a network engineer?

1.1. What would be some of the challenges as a network engineer on a technical aspect?

1.1.1. A book about the troubles with networking.

1.2. What would be some challenges of your social life as a network engineer?

1.2.1. A journal entry from a network engineer.

1.3. What type of issues arise if you do not make the deadline on a project.

1.3.1. A company's rules and regulations for not meeting requirements.

2. What are some advances in network engineering?

2.1. Over the past ten years what are the some of the technical advances?

2.1.1. A good Google search on the advances of network engineering.

2.2. What have been some of the best hardware upgrades over the years?

2.2.1. A new book from Cisco and its products to offer for networking.

3. What certifications to take to become a more effective network enginneer?

3.1. What classes would you need to take to be a network engineer?

3.1.1. Looking at a network engineering major and looking to see what type of classes you will have to take.

3.2. Would you rather stick to Cisco or another big networking firm?

3.2.1. A paper on compare and contrast on the big networking firms. Who is more popularly used?

4. How to improve network efficiency?

4.1. What protocols to use for network efficiency?

4.1.1. A book on routing protocols and the difference between them.

4.2. What type of hardware is the best to use for network efficiency?

4.2.1. Once again a book on networking equipment and the differences between them

5. What tools and tactics to use while troubleshooting networks?

5.1. Which tool is the best for the job?

5.1.1. A book on all the tools needed for a network engineer.

5.2. What different tools are at your disposal?

5.2.1. A book on all the tools need for a network engineer.

5.3. How would you trouble shoot the network, what would you start with?

5.3.1. One of those how to dummy books.

6. What things should be considered when designing a network?

6.1. What type of network are we designing?

6.1.1. A book on all the different types of networks.

6.2. How big of a network are we creating?

6.2.1. A book on how to properly build the most effective network whether it is big or small.