chapter 2 multimedia hardware and software

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chapter 2 multimedia hardware and software by Mind Map: chapter 2 multimedia hardware and software

1. drawing tools

1.1. can create and modify vector graphics

1.1.1. eg. Coreldraw, illustrator

2. painting tools

2.1. can create and modify bitmap image

2.1.1. eg. photoshop, firework

3. Four basic stages

3.1. planning and costing

3.1.1. prepare time and budget.

3.1.2. prepare a short prototype or proof-of-concept

3.2. designing and producing

3.2.1. perform each of the planned tasks to create a finished product.

3.3. Testing

3.3.1. Two phase of testing Alpha Testing organization developing the software as a form of internal acceptance testing. Beta Testing the product is evaluate before the final release and find out the bugs or connect errors.

3.4. delivering

3.4.1. package and deliver the project to the end user.

3.4.2. this is final stage,

4. what is the objectives and scope?

4.1. objective is the purpose of creating the project.

4.2. scope is consider how much time to develop the project and the knowledge and skill needed.

5. 6 main roles in the team

5.1. Project Manager

5.1.1. leader of project

5.2. Multimedia Designer

5.2.1. the person looks at the overall content of the project

5.3. Interface Designer

5.3.1. the person who designing each page or screen that lets user access

5.4. Writer

5.4.1. create characters and write text screens to deliver message.

5.5. Audio/Video Specialist

5.5.1. the person focus on the audio and video production

5.6. Multimedia Programmer

5.6.1. the person combain all of the element

6. authoring system

6.1. create interactivity

6.2. organize and edit the mumltimedia element of multimedia projict

7. features of painting and drawing software

7.1. Scalable text font support

7.2. support third party special effect plug-ins(install)

7.3. layering capability

7.4. multiple undo capability

8. 3 type of authoring tools

8.1. Card and page based authoring tools

8.1.1. this is arranged like page of a book or card in a stack

8.2. Icon and object based authoring tools

8.2.1. this tools is provide a visual programming approach to organizing and presenting multimedia application

8.3. Time based authoring tools

8.3.1. this tools is organized along a time line