Social Media

This presentation is from a workshop developed by Helen Baxter, Mohawk Media for the People in Your Neighbourhood project from the British Council in New Zealand, to enable young urban artists to produce, promote and sell their work.

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Social Media by Mind Map: Social Media

1. Published by Helen Baxter, Mohawk Media, NZ under a Creative Commons, Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike (BY-NC-SA) License. You can share, remix and republish this work for non commercial use, as long as you give attribution and publish using the same CC license.

2. Draft your social media strategy.

2.1. A social media strategy is a content, tagging and relationship management plan across key channels with the aim of active engagement.

2.1.1. Content

2.1.2. Tagging

2.1.3. Channels


2.2. 7 Steps for a successful social media campaign

2.3. 3 Types of Social Media Strategy

2.4. Add your Wordpress RSS to twitter with Hootsuite

3. Social Media v Old Media

3.1. Social Media Revolution

3.2. old media is one way

3.2.1. read

3.2.2. listen

3.2.3. watch

3.3. social media is two way

3.3.1. read & comment

3.3.2. watch & tweet

3.3.3. Activities PR Customer service Collaboration Networking Learning Marketing

3.4. XKCD Map of Online Communities

3.4.1. Now

3.4.2. Then

3.4.3. Work your social networks

3.4.4. 33 Million People in the Room

4. Media Monitoring

4.1. Google Alerts

4.1.1. Track keywords in new, blogs, web, video, groups

4.1.2. Exercise: Set up Google Alerts

4.2. Twitter Hash tags

4.3. RSS

4.3.1. Real simple syndication

4.3.2. Can read content using feed reader

4.3.3. Feedly for Firefox

4.3.4. Netvibes

4.4. How to measure ROI

4.4.1. Social Media Metrics Superlist

4.4.2. Map metrics against goals

4.4.3. Active is better than passive

4.4.4. Metrics Map against goals Traffic - page views etc Leads & sales Customer rentention Brand recognition, discussion, comments, mentions Followers, likes, re-tweets, mentions

5. Social Strategy

5.1. Define

5.1.1. Why? What is your motivation? Digital word of mouth Markets are conversations Listen and learn Dear lazyweb...?

5.1.2. Who? Who are you trying to reach? Go where the eyeballs are High Street v Bazaar Need support from the top

5.1.3. Where? What channels will you focus on?

5.1.4. What? Not just about selling or PR What do you want to communicate Is it aligned with your business strategy?

5.1.5. How? How will you know if your plan is working? Embrace transparency Welcome feedback & engage

5.1.6. When? When will you start? When will you manage your networks? How much time can you spend? It will take time to get results

6. Social Media Tools

6.1. Twitter

6.1.1. Two way info flow

6.1.2. Follow your heroes

6.1.3. track #hashtags

6.1.4. Twitter tips Add an avatar image & bio Send a tweet Follow people you know Follow your heroes How to set up a Twitter page, profile, lists Tutorial Video How to get the most out of your 140 characters Short URLs Shorten, share, measure

6.1.5. Twitter Apps Twibbon Campaigns Events - Twijector Topsy Measurement Twitter lists hashtags Tweriod - when to tweet? Pay with a Tweet Qwitter Retweets Twitter Tools Mindmap

6.1.6. Ask to be added to Twitter lists wikimusical on US radio after doing this

6.1.7. Lazyscope

6.2. Facebook

6.2.1. Groups v Pages

6.2.2. Events How to organise an event on Facebook

6.2.3. Manage Privacy settings! Stay current

6.3. Linked In

6.3.1. Business networks

6.3.2. Ask questions, join groups, professional profile - CV Superguide to Linked In

6.3.3. Ten ways to use Linked In

6.3.4. Linked In learning centre

6.3.5. How to use Linked In

6.3.6. Add Helen Baxter: Linked in [email protected]

6.4. Hootsuite

6.4.1. Post to multiple twitter, Facebook & linked in accounts

6.4.2. Track hashtags

6.4.3. Add RSS to twitter, facebook, linked in

6.5. Mobile

6.5.1. PixelPipe


6.5.3. Shozu

6.5.4. Foursquare

6.5.5. QR Codes 5 Unique uses QR Codes for business QR Code generator

7. Resources

7.1. Social Media Guide

7.2. The essential guide to Social Media

7.3. Read Write Web

7.4. Mashable

7.4.1. Social Media News & web tips


7.5. Socialnomics

7.6. Diigo: Web 2.0 Tools

7.7. Tweet This Book

7.7.1. Pay with a Tweet

7.7.2. Vaughn Davis

7.7.3. Advertising is a wall - social is a window

7.8. NZ Journalists on Twitter