Task Three - Lesson 2

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Task Three - Lesson 2 by Mind Map: Task Three - Lesson 2

1. Topic & Theme

1.1. This unit of work is focusing on sustainability

1.2. This lesson is requiring students to research and justify what drink bottles are/aren't environmentally friendly.

1.3. Using their science knowledge and understanding to determine whether a drink bottle is sustainable or not

2. Alignment with the curriculum

2.1. Use of design and digital technologies, along with science and literacy knowledge to research and justify different types of drink bottle.s

3. Year Level

3.1. This is aimed at a year 3 level

4. Focus Questions

4.1. What materials are used in drink bottles? Are these materials harmful to the environment?

4.2. s there a drink bottle out their that is more sustainable than another?

4.3. Why do you think some people came up with the same information? Do you think they would have the same drink bottles in Asia? (Coca Cola etc)

5. Materials and Support

5.1. Students will require their laptops

5.2. An interactive whiteboard and teacher computer

5.3. Drink bottles

5.4. Mind Meister

6. Cross-Curriculum Learning

6.1. Science

6.2. Art

6.3. Sustainability

6.3.1. Australia and Asia

6.4. Literacy

6.5. ICT

6.6. Critical and Creative Thinking

7. Content Descriptors (Science, Design and Digital Technologies)

7.1. - Develop and communicate ideas using labelled drawings and appropriate technical terms (Designing)

7.2. Work independently to plan, safely create and communicate sequenced steps (Collaborating and Managing)

7.3. Suitability and safe practice when using materials, tools and equipment for a range of purposes (ACTDEK013)

7.4. Ways products, services and environments are designed to meet community needs (ACTDEK010)