Pencil Over Fist (LGBT Advocates)

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Pencil Over Fist (LGBT Advocates) by Mind Map: Pencil Over Fist (LGBT Advocates)

1. About

1.1. Logo: A pencil in a fist over the LGBTQIA flag.

1.1.1. When you click on the flag it'll take you to the sign up Google Doc sheet.

1.2. Description: An anti bullying organization that collects high school and college writers and unites them on a blog to publicly speak about their hardships.

2. Contact

2.1. The contact page allows for users to get in touch with me with any questions they may have or to organize community meetings.

2.1.1. Another way to access the Google Docs sheet to sign up to become a writer on the blog. They'll be asked to leave their email which will allow me to send them messages about community marches or meetings to connect the LGBT youth.

2.1.2. QR Codes: I will include a QR code so that they can access my site with their QR code readers.

3. Gallery

3.1. Pictures of community hang outs with the Pencil Over Fist organization. Include shots of students writing and painting boards to spread around the community.

3.2. Links: Include pictures of other LGBTQIA+ organizations that allow their media to be shared that show their successful marches and protests with links to their programs as well.

3.3. A section of pictures entitled: "Why We Unite," which will show images of moments of terror such as the Pulse nightclub in Orlando. A quick reminder that are rights are something to consistently fight for.

4. Americorps

4.1. A link to the Americorps program that supports the LGBT+ youth for those who want to begin their experiences in education that's only accessible for those who can prove they're 18+.

4.2. (THE LINK)

5. News

5.1. This tab will feature current events happening worldwide throughout the LGBT+ community to spark inspiration and keep the youth informed of the truth.

5.1.1. There will be a Google Docs sheet for those interested in writing about current events in their community to sign up.

5.1.2. Canvas Design: I will post flyers on the post to inform the members of the blog of upcoming events and possible poetry slams for LGBT+ youth.

5.1.3. App: Eventually if I was able to get in touch with members of the community who were technologically savvy I would create an application their phones to allow updates on events and blog posts.

6. Volunteer/Service Hours

6.1. Ask for members of the community who have been a part of the organization for 6 months to speak at schools and/or clean up their communities with other members of the organization. (It'll look amazing on resumes)

6.1.1. Google Docs: Sign up sheets for each event.

7. Home

7.1. Video: A promotional video for the organization and the mission statement for "Pencil Over Fist" will appear here.

7.2. Social Media: A link to "like" us on Facebook and Instagram will appear here where we will share inspirational photos of our meetings and events. There will also be the authors writings displayed on these websites to intrigue their interest in continuing their repetition on the website.

7.3. Logo: When they click the logo on this page it will send them to a sign up sheet for the organization to receive weekly updates and blog posts from the best authors of the week. It will ask for their full name and email address.

8. Blog

8.1. Weebly: Provide access for the authors to create their personal narratives, poetry, or journalism to promote self expression and self love.

8.2. Tumblr: Allow authors to include their personal accounts as long as they remain censored and clean with reminders that they will be monitored and removed as well as their access to the site.