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SLEEP by Mind Map: SLEEP

1. Sleep/ Health

1.1. Is dreaming good for you?

1.2. can dreaming affect your mood?

1.3. Can a bad dreams indicate depression?

1.4. Is every person able to dream, even if they have a mental/ physical health problem?

2. Dreams

2.1. What is dreaming?

2.2. what causes dreams?

2.3. Is it possible to control our dreams?

2.4. Are dreams a window to the future?

2.5. should we believe what we dream?

3. Sleeping

3.1. what really is sleep?

3.2. What are tips for a better sleep?

3.3. what are some conditions/diseases that affect sleeping habits?

3.4. what happens to the body while we sleep?

4. Causes/effects of dreams

4.1. does the time we go to bed affect the types of dreams we have?

4.2. what is happening to the body as we dream?

4.3. Does dreaming effect your mental health?

4.4. things we experience during the day effect what we dream.

4.5. Does amount of sleep affect the kinds of dreams we have?