Roc Nation Music

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Roc Nation Music by Mind Map: Roc Nation Music

1. Legal Department

1.1. Business Affairs/ Finance

1.1.1. Handles all Financial affairs which includes payroll and book keeping

1.2. Produces and oversees contracts, and also handles legal affairs on behalf of the label.

2. Publicity Department

2.1. Primary Goal is to get interviews, Stories, and broadcast for the label and artist.

3. Sales Department

3.1. Oversees all the retail handling of the label, the main focus is to build relationships with the chains and other mass retailers.

4. A&R Department

4.1. Main goal is to find and signs new talent. This department works closely with the artist and help them with song selection, choice of producers, recording studio selection.

5. Marketing and Brand Development

5.1. Handles campaigns, promotions, and

5.1.1. Structure to build and maintain imagine