Me, after 10 years

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Me, after 10 years by Mind Map: Me, after 10 years

1. Education

2. Career

3. Health

4. Family

5. Experiences

6. Religious life

7. Running own busines

8. good relationship with God

9. attend mass twice a week

10. set God as my first priority

11. receive best entrepreneur awards

12. have more than 3 branch of my business

13. graduate with bachelors degree in business administration

14. graduated from Lyceum of the Philippine University

15. receive a GPA 1.50 (of 1.00)

16. receive check-up every month

17. have exercise everyday

18. have a good physical,emotional, and mental condition

19. travel around the world with my family

20. learn new languages

21. went to historical sites on every country i would go

22. live with my parents

23. bought a house for my parents

24. support my younger sister in schooling