Online Video Trends

Presentation by Helen Baxter, Managing Directrix, Mohawk Media, at the Second Digital Summit in Auckland, March 2009

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Online Video Trends by Mind Map: Online Video Trends

1. Published by Helen Baxter, Mohawk Media, NZ under a Creative Commons, Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike (BY-NC-SA) License. You can share, remix and republish this work for non commercial use, as long as you give attribution and publish using the same CC license.

2. • What are the business models and legal issues for online video sites?

2.1. Business Models

2.1.1. Freelancer Ethos There are no permanent contracts anymore Create Multiple Income Streams Make it yourself DIY Own it yourself IP = Control Sell it Yourself Cut out the middle men Direct to your audience As many times as you can What is my motivation? Money Time Autonomy Social Enterprise Keep costs low Lean Teams Be Fair Think about offering free content & charging for your expertise Make it easy for people to support you

2.1.2. New Models for growth: JVs / SPVs / Colonies/ Clusters Project Based Joint Ventures Single Purpose Vehicles Business Swarms & Colonies Team Based Clusters & networks Create Complimentary Eco-systems Crowd Based Crowd Sourcing / Funding

2.2. Learn Business 2.0

2.2.1. Triple Income $$$ Symbiotic Sponsors Syndication Sales Eyeballs Embeds Syndication Goodwill Brand, Connections, Intangible Assets Help other people Then ask for help!

2.2.2. Read Tshirts & Suits

2.2.3. Bootstrappers Bible

2.3. Legal Issues

2.3.1. Copyright 5Takes - Discovery Travel & Living Even Bloomberg Associates can't clear copyright easily Twisted Radio interview NZ club scene - cleared copyright S92 in NZ Creative Freedom Foundation Kangaroo Court Computer (0:55) #blackout campaign

2.3.2. Make it Yourself

2.3.3. Use Creative Commons Fairshare

2.4. Finding content

2.4.1. Social News

2.4.2. Creative Commons

2.4.3. Can't compete with newsrooms

2.4.4. Can add original views or presentation

2.4.5. Don't fear Piracy & Avoid Obscurity

2.5. DIY TV, XMedia Lab, Melbourne 2008 (1:29)

2.5.1. Mona Leia by Jim Hance Strangely Drawn

2.5.2. DIY TV Column

3. Helen Baxter

3.1. MD, Mohawk Media

3.1.1. Strategist The Big Idea

3.1.2. Producer Writer The MsBehaviour Files Animatrix Science & technology pods for the g33k show Digital Media: animation, graphics, radio, tv VJ & Radio DJ

3.1.3. Reporter / Futirist Radio BBC Radio, UK Radio New Zealand Kiwi FM TV UK: BBC, HTV, SKY, Planet 24 NZ: TV1 & TV3 News, Campbell Live, SKY TV Australia: SKY TV, Adikted TV

3.2. The g33k show

3.2.1. 2008 Broadcast Self produced by Mohawk Media Core Team of two High Production Values Almost Zero Budget Broadcast quality - Streamed & SKY TV Weekly animations & podcasts You Tube Mogulus View2gether Videosurf

3.2.2. How? Drawing from TV / 3D / Radio / Web / VJ Backgrounds Used mobile phone camera & web tools Nokia 6121 Google Earth for video flythroughs DIY Philosophy The Brain Cool Iris VJ Tools Hacker / Inventor ethic Whatever gets the job done As quickly as possible Go for authenticity over glitz

3.2.3. 2009 Netcast the g33k show: 3D TV Real Time Avatars & Animation Ractors & Greenscreen Creative Commons Content Multistreams Mogulus, Ustream, Podcast widely

4. • What are the challenges in producing quality video content for online?

4.1. Old distribution networks losing revenue & resources

4.2. Budgets slashed

4.3. Need for multi-tasking teams

4.4. Specialists not longer enough

4.5. Not making TV or Video

4.5.1. Digital Media Content

4.6. Three Screens

4.6.1. Quick Dip Mobile Phones / PDAs / Netbooks

4.6.2. Lean forward Interactive Media / Games Machine

4.6.3. Lean back Watch Home Theatre & TV Systems

4.7. New Ideas

4.7.1. Do It Yourself Had to at Mohawk Low budget Based in NZ To be creative knock a zero off $$ Have to work with small teams Simple Gear

4.7.2. All starts with sound Decent mike + pop shield Buy Wireless radio mikes Jawbone noise cancelling microphones

4.7.3. Do what you can with what you've got Skype audio interview: Greg Broadmore, Weta Workshop + Animation = Dr Grortbort interview (2:30)

5. How can you use VSEO to find an audience? (2:06)

5.1. What makes you unique?

5.1.1. What's your passion?

5.1.2. Keep your local voice & flavour

5.1.3. Find a Content Niche

5.1.4. Have fun!

5.2. Publish regularly

5.2.1. Twitters, Blogs, RSS, social nets

5.2.2. Work on your Internet Footprint

5.2.3. Use Linked In for professional

5.3. Metadata is key

5.4. Average You Tube video gets 100 views a year

5.5. Related videos are important

5.6. Keyword wisely

5.7. User twitter #hashtags

5.8. Tubemogul

5.8.1. Submit to Multiple Viewing platforms

5.8.2. Aggregated Statistics

5.9. Interacting

5.9.1. Live chats after broadcast

5.9.2. View2gether Lounge

5.9.3. Online events Filter & re-publish

5.10. Remixes & Mashups

5.10.1. Make it easy for them to make your culture their own

6. How big will online video get?

6.1. Now an Experience Economy

6.1.1. Consumption of TV, Music & Games rising

6.1.2. Also explosion in portable media devices

6.2. Online Video Growth Continues

6.3. Online Video Advertising To Rise 45% In 2009 Outpacing Search’s Growth Of 15%

6.4. You Tube - 44% of Online Video Traffic

6.5. Mobile Devices

6.5.1. 50% of the world now has a mobile phone

6.5.2. Massively Mobile Social Networks

6.5.3. In Asia - handsets rule

6.5.4. Pico-projectors in mobile phones already here

6.6. Netbooks

6.6.1. Asus eePC

6.6.2. Nokia netbooks?

6.7. Wearable PCs?

6.7.1. TV on contact lenses in 10 years

6.8. Google - TV on Phones