The Revolutions of 1848

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The Revolutions of 1848 by Mind Map: The Revolutions of 1848

1. The French Revolution

1.1. bad harvests and blight caused unrest

1.2. People gathered to protest the monarchy

1.3. the government attempted to stop the gatherings

1.4. extreme radicals caused riots and killing

1.5. king Louis Philippe abdicated February 24 1848

1.6. a provisional government was established

1.7. the government was forced to provide work to citizens and the right for workers to unite

2. The Italian Revolution

2.1. new liberal pope causes a sense of nationality to spread

2.2. news of unrest in Vienna spread through italy

2.3. people in milan demanded rights and formed a civil guard

2.4. captured Austrian administrator forced to concede to demands

2.5. formed a national guard and provisional government

2.6. Austria attempted to regain power but was forced to retreat

3. Pillersdorf Consitution

3.1. issued to stop unrest

3.2. offered constitutional aspects of government on the 15th

3.3. people protested a constitution made by the government

3.4. demanded a committee of the people to draft the constitution

3.5. the committie of saftey took control

3.6. economic issues followed

4. German Confederation

4.1. Large parts were within Austrian borders

4.2. a parliament for all Germans was created

5. Cultural Change

5.1. Groups began to adopt a ethnic identity

5.2. some languages became dominant

5.3. attempts to force cultural beliefs on others caused conflict

6. Social Change

6.1. the manifesto to the peoples of Europe called for equals rights

6.2. liberalism was wide spread

6.3. lower class people and the poor began to demand equality

6.4. social unrest allowed some monarchs to regain power such as napolian III

6.5. some monarchs began to express liberal views

6.6. some governments began to allow freedom of the press

7. Causes

7.1. Food shortages

7.2. Unemployment

7.3. economic instability

7.4. civil and political unrest

7.5. napolionic conflict caused destablization

7.6. demand for constitutional rights

7.7. liberal views