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GC3000 by Mind Map: GC3000

1. "Garbage" to collect

1.1. Around Earth

1.1.1. Depolluting

1.1.2. Protecting Earth ?

1.2. Scavenging Space

1.2.1. Gain Money Materials Technologie

1.2.2. Contract Bounty

1.3. Gaining weight

1.4. Being a maniac about cleaning stuff

2. Space

2.1. Ship

2.1.1. Pilot Terrian ? Save Earth ? Part-time job ? Save somebody ? Expelled from earth from being a catastrophy Alien ? Personality obsessed by collecting garbage lonely wants to be the best at his job maniac

2.1.2. AI Friendly? Intelligent AI Enemy?? Low level AI

2.1.3. model new model of spaceship created to promote a brand ads everywhere on the ship weird design

2.2. Aliens ?

2.2.1. Enemies Ships?

2.2.2. Friends People to save

2.3. Asteroids

2.3.1. Obstacles Damage

2.4. Black holes

2.4.1. obstacle unlimited damage

3. Situation

3.1. Earth

3.1.1. Before game Catastrophy Trump ? Apocalypse Over Population The hero IS the catastrophy Bad Situation Shitty life Need Money Character obsessed by his job

3.1.2. During game Flying Earth? Technology needed ? Protecting Earth ? just collecting garbage Collecting too much

3.1.3. After game/Finality Succes Failure AI betrayal Earth destruction Philosophical failure no success or failure, let's clean the universe

3.2. Space

3.2.1. Before game Polluted Broken Satellite Garbage Catastrophy Expanding universe Sun ready to Explose/Inpose

3.2.2. During game Planets Black Holes Asteroids Aliens humans trying to stop you

3.2.3. After game/Finality Space still being Space Destruction of universe no end?