Solutions for Solving West Valley City's Gang Issue

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Solutions for Solving West Valley City's Gang Issue by Mind Map: Solutions for Solving                 West Valley City's              Gang Issue

1. Immigration and Migration as well as a gang member returning from prison will affect Criminal activity in the given area.

1.1. Residents will usually move in from Southern California to stay with their families in West Valley City because a high population of immigrants from the Pacific Islands and Latin American Countries will originally come to Southern California for work purposes and then become overwhelmed with the living expenses of the area

1.1.1. Due to the increasing population of the City, gangs have the potential to increase as well. This means that we need to employ more gang-task force officers and incorporate programs into the jail system to educate incarcerated gang members on how to contribute to society. Doing this will decrease the amount of repeat offenders.

2. A lot of boys look for that “tough” image, and they desire to have money available when they need it. A gang will provide the lack of support the typical member would be receiving back home.

2.1. Due to lack of support from Family as a result of divorce, abuse, or death of a family member in their younger will seek support because it is a necessity for life. And usually these adolescents will act out in criminal manners to release the frustration they feel at home. In addition, they will also seek an "Identity"

2.1.1. Public Schools need to incorporate and/or emphasize cultural clubs to educate each culture about another. Every American has a culture they come from and can share. Because gang members also have cultures they come from, these clubs will provide them with a relatable reason to join.

3. Studies have shown that Gang members tend to perform poorer in school, they also are more likely to be victims of violent crimes, and they are more likely to be recipients of illegal income but additionally have a higher chance to be arrested and incarcerated in their adult years as well.

3.1. Gang Members usually gain their knowledge of violence from a home where violence was thriving. In turn, They tend to treat others the same way they were treated as children and consequently associate themselves with people who live the same life-style. This will cause poor performance in school and will increase their risk to commit crimes and become incarcerated as Adults

3.1.1. School districts should compile a list of students who are considered "high-risk." This list should be determined by a few factors: Behavior, Attendance, and Grades. Students who fall on this list should be provided a personal social worker by the school district or state who will help them to get back on track to graduation.

4. The “Street Code” essentially implies that aggressive behavior and violent acts is necessary towards anyone who speaks or specifically does anything that can be interpreted as a personal criticism for a motive.

4.1. When this kind of behavior is implied, it usually originates from lack of morals and values. Both morals and values are supposed to be taught in the home. When individuals act this way, it could be the lack of having learned them, or ignorance of incorporating them which generally stems from frustration or a traumatic experience in the gang member's life

4.1.1. You don't know what you don't know. Most of these adolescents are not aware that they could be experiencing abuse from a parent or these kids lack knowledge on how to incorporate correct principles and values. Abuse awareness should be incorporated into the public educational system.

5. According to scholars, gang members are also more likely to come from a broken home where a Father figure is not present. When no “Stable” fatherly figure is present, adolescents could seek out male-dominate cliques that can provide that which is missing from their own homes.

5.1. Many Adolescents could be upset with having had to live off of a limited income from one parent, which in turn will make these kids want to bring money into the home regardless on where it came from. Many Adolescents would rather provide than suffer, and realistically, many of these kids have not been taught the value of work

5.1.1. We should incorporate specific programs in grade schools across the cities that teach adolescents how to apply and maintain employment.

6. Gang violence is found to be a large issue for lower income neighborhoods.

6.1. Broken Families are commonly found in lower income neighborhoods due to the lack of financial support that was coming from the former spouse.

6.1.1. Gang Members are known for obtaining illegal income to provide for themselves and for their families.