Infinite Imaginarium hub

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Infinite Imaginarium hub by Mind Map: Infinite Imaginarium hub

1. Imaginarium Podcast

1.1. Imaginarium Family

1.1.1. Pirate Radio

1.1.2. The Minds Panel Show

1.1.3. Life is People

1.1.4. Within When Without

2. Infinite Productions

2.1. Luminous Dark Tales

2.1.1. Missy's Series of Fortunate Miss-Adventures in an even Darker City

2.1.2. Missy Impossible and Nikki possible the "Time Twins" who's written this so far first episode Mind Invaders

2.2. The Emergent Imaginarium (Series)

2.2.1. Science, Art and Imagination

2.2.2. Sound, Vibration and Imagination

2.2.3. Collective, Consciousness and Imagination

3. Minds Channel

3.1. Groups

3.1.1. Ecology of Ideas

3.1.2. infinite imaginarium

3.1.3. set consciousness free

3.2. Infinite Premium Content

3.3. New Topic

4. Songs of Eternity

4.1. The Preamble: We The Imaginarium

5. Paper Bums

6. imaginaridome // ✓ featuring brain dome structure for borh look and acoustics

6.1. interactive art instilation

6.1.1. prism infinity triangle of mirrors -prisms, sound, vibration using body bio acoustics

6.1.2. jumping screen with captured photo bubble blower out side

6.2. interactive mobile creation station aka synergy // expo bus stellar media capable production on wheels with

6.3. solar powered // ✓includes showers - ✓bathroom ✓sleeping for 5 or 6 ✓outdoor extension for even more people to outdoor shower ✓using collected water

6.4. a brain bio dome design for acoustics and promotion appeal

6.5. for expo promo and travel to other minds and ii users the mind image will be prominently a focus so long as we all agree to it can be minds promotional as well

7. ii logo with // portal and infinity ✓still ✓animated to turn sideways and open

8. logo we the people are

8.1. animated and still

8.1.1. animated and still image

8.2. animated will have ✓parchment paper original doc ✓of we the people ✓and animate script slowly ✓with script showing slowly ✓reveal to ...are minds .com