Iteration Manager

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Iteration Manager by Mind Map: Iteration Manager

1. Hats

1.1. Activist

1.1.1. seeks to remove/stop blockers impediments interruptions distractions cherry picking work being started when team is not ready

1.1.2. dislikes WIP technical debt poor quality

1.1.3. disruptor

1.2. Servant Leader

1.2.1. seeks to meet the needs of the team members and those they serve engaged team members

1.2.2. achieving results in line with org values and objectives

1.2.3. influence without authority

1.2.4. set a sustainable pace

1.3. Coach

1.3.1. lead by example

1.3.2. encourage continuous improvement and self-organising behaviours

1.3.3. coaches within and beyond the team

1.3.4. sets a shared understanding of True North

1.3.5. Trainer principles practices tools way of working process

1.3.6. Mentor shu-ha-ri sharing your agile experiences and ideas build relationship

1.4. Facilitator

1.4.1. sets clear boundaries for collaboration and effective meetings

1.4.2. effective conflict navigation

1.5. Coordinator

1.5.1. within team

1.5.2. between teams

1.5.3. communications with stakeholders

2. Mission

2.1. Understands, exhibits and shares the Agile mindset

2.1.1. Concretely and practically helps squad achieve: Direction Are we clear on the next most important thing to work on? Are we co-creating solutions rather than taking orders or imposing our solution? Focus Are we ACTUALLY working on the most important thing? Are we doing too many things to be effective? Execution Are we delivering to our commitments? Are we getting better through experimentation and learning?

2.1.2. Agile mindset ... means you are committed to and constantly looking for new and better ways to: Discover and deliver value to customers faster Create and maintain an environment and culture that connects peoples capabilities, goals and ambitions to the strategy and success of the organisation Become a more effective & efficient execution engine