Getting a House ready to sell quick checklist

Getting a house ready to sell. Tidying, decorating, garden tidied, dealing with estate agent, realtor, storage, packing. Example to do list for selling a house.

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Getting a House ready to sell quick checklist by Mind Map: Getting a House ready to sell quick checklist

1. Estate agent arrangements made

1.1. Prep for relaunch on the market if necessary

1.1.1. while house is being dressed

1.2. Approve photos and listing text

1.3. Move viewings until after house dressed

1.4. Choose estate agent

1.4.1. Local or nationwide?

1.4.2. Specialist? E.g. rural property

1.5. Sign contract

1.5.1. Check % commission

1.5.2. Check what happens if you go with more than one agent

1.5.3. Make sure house will be listed on all major websites

1.6. Only have photos taken once house is ready

1.7. TIPS!

1.7.1. Contact Estate Agent last! They will hassle you to get on the market before you are ready They want your hse up for sale now. Make them wait or better don't contact them until you are ready to go Don't be afraid to go with more than one agent BUT

1.7.2. Don't let them bully you!

1.7.3. Don't let them push you into reducing the price they do this subtly by moaning about the lacklustre market pushing you to sell by auction claiming you didn't tell them about complications REMEMBER they want their commission and they may be prepared to have less commission for a quick sale it is also all about cashflow price low = quick sale = cashflow


1.8.1. You could save money by ditching estate agents

1.8.2. How to sell your house without an estate agent |

1.8.3. 10 steps to selling your home without an estate agent

2. Garden completed

2.1. Shingle laid

2.2. Lawn mowed

2.3. Shrubs trimmed

2.4. Summer house dressed

2.5. Wood to form a panel between soak away and new shingle

2.6. Weeding

2.7. Pruning

2.8. Front garden and drive

2.8.1. Weed

2.8.2. Hose or scrape moss

2.8.3. Repairs to fencing

2.8.4. Tidy hedging and shrubs

3. Stuff in storage

3.1. Man and & van sorted

3.2. Storage booked

3.3. Boxes ordered

4. Bathroom

4.1. Grouting whitened

4.2. Sealant replaced around bath and shower if needed

4.3. Clean top to bottom

4.3.1. Shower

4.3.2. Bath

4.3.3. Toilet

4.3.4. Sink and taps

4.3.5. Cupboards

4.3.6. Floor

5. Interior designer's work completed

5.1. Kitchen decorated

5.2. Bathroom & hall decorating

5.3. Bedroom dressing

5.4. Spare room dressing

5.5. Bathroom dressed

6. Living room

6.1. Surplus furniture in storage

6.1.1. Lower shelf in storage or attic

6.2. Clean top to bottom

6.3. Shampoo and hoover carpet

6.4. Make good / spruce up

6.4.1. clean / paint walls

6.4.2. paint wood work skirting boards doors

6.4.3. Tidying of door frame and radiator

7. Bedrooms

7.1. Books back on bookshelves

7.2. Spare room painted?

7.3. Pictures re-hung in spare room

7.4. Surplus furniture in storage

7.4.1. Contents of wardrobe in attic

7.4.2. Printer, shredder & bits under shelf stored

7.4.3. Tall bookshelf dismantled

7.5. Tidy

7.5.1. Wallpaper tidied, skirting boards, etc

7.5.2. Desk emptied

7.6. pack up

7.6.1. Filing cabinet emptied

7.6.2. Small wardrobe dismantled

7.6.3. Bed dismantled

7.7. Make good / spruce up

7.7.1. clean / paint walls

7.7.2. paint wood work skirting boards doors

7.7.3. Tidying of door frame and radiator

8. Stairs

8.1. Clean walls

8.2. Touch up skirting board

8.3. Remove cable hooks

8.4. Tidy bottom of alcove

8.5. Paint step to bedroom

9. Purchases made

9.1. Garden centre purchases

9.1.1. Plant for sitting room

9.1.2. Shingle for front garden (hide damaged concrete)

9.1.3. Ladder

9.2. Furniture in place

9.2.1. Double and single beds found and bought

9.2.2. Table and chairs found and bought

9.2.3. Sofa replaced (current one is very stained)

9.3. Accessories in place

9.3.1. Tray, jug and glasses for garden

9.3.2. Additional bedding

9.3.3. 3 panel pictures

9.3.4. throws and rugs

10. TIPS!

10.1. prep for viewings

10.2. stage rooms

10.3. checklist

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