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Selection by Mind Map: Selection

1. Purpose

1.1. The purpose of selection is to filter an individual out of a pool of applicants who possess the ability and willingness to fill jobs in the organization.

2. Definition

2.1. Selection involves the process of reviewing the information provided by all job applicants.

3. Steps in Selection

3.1. Inviting Applications

3.1.1. Post job advertisements on platforms such has JobStreet, JobsBank, Newspaper.

3.2. Receiving Applications

3.2.1. Receiving Applications through email stated on advertisement.

3.3. Examination of Applications

3.3.1. Shortlist suitable candidates for the job reject un-matching job scope.

3.4. Written Tests

3.4.1. This test is conducted for understanding the technical knowledge, attitude and interests of candidates.

3.4.2. Types of Tests

3.5. Interview

3.5.1. Problems in an Interview

3.5.2. Types of Interview

3.6. Reference Checks and Background Investigation

3.6.1. Doing a background investigation will help them prevent and ensure that potential applicants do not have any bad record from the past.

3.7. Medical Examinations

3.7.1. Some companies may take candidate’s physical strength and fitness into consideration candidates may be rejected on the basis of their ill health.

3.8. Final Selection

3.8.1. Selection Errors

3.9. Placement

3.9.1. This is the final stage, a suitable job is allocated to the appointed candidate so that they can get the whole idea about the nature of the job and perform well in future.

4. Importance

4.1. It is important to select the right person for the job. The results you get might differ greatly if you assign the wrong person to complete the job.

4.2. Reasons for careful Selection