Doing Kickass Deals Luciana Lixandru (Accel) Carolina Brochado (Atomico) TD Lowe (42Phi Ventures)

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Doing Kickass Deals Luciana Lixandru (Accel) Carolina Brochado (Atomico) TD Lowe (42Phi Ventures) by Mind Map: Doing Kickass Deals  Luciana Lixandru (Accel) Carolina Brochado (Atomico) TD Lowe (42Phi Ventures)

1. About this mind map

1.1. Created by Liam Hughes

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2. What's a kickass deal?

2.1. Finding entrepreneurs

2.1.1. Who solve problems

2.1.2. Who change lives

2.2. Investing in a kick-ass entrepreneur

2.2.1. Relentless

2.2.2. A fighter

3. Entrepreneurial traits

3.1. Relentlessness

3.1.1. Tenacity

3.2. Adaptability

3.2.1. Trajectory not smooth

3.2.2. Ok to ride the roller coaster

3.3. Passion

3.3.1. They feel the project

3.3.2. Energised to fight for it

3.4. Talent

3.4.1. Hire smarter people

3.4.2. Count-act your weaknesses

4. The journey here

4.1. Passion for macro picture

4.1.1. The big issues

4.1.2. Asking questions

4.1.3. Arrive at people

4.2. Problem solving passion

4.2.1. Consumer, entreprise

4.2.2. Finding solutions

4.3. Family background/context

4.3.1. Surrounded by entrepreneurial spirit

4.4. Convergence of talent

4.4.1. Met on campus

4.4.2. From different backgrounds

5. Building teams

5.1. Hiring

5.1.1. Hiring is primary challenge Finding, hiring, retaining Competitive evironment

5.1.2. Hire people better than you

5.2. Teams

5.2.1. Learn from each other Diverse perspectives

5.3. Tips

5.3.1. Ask for help

5.3.2. Be a connector Help others Pay it forward Entrepreneurs help entrepreneurs

5.3.3. Leverage your investors Use their network Learn from other companies

6. How to get investor attention?

6.1. e.g. Deliveroo

6.1.1. Was an early consumer Great product Great experience

6.1.2. Much about the founder

6.2. Key factors

6.2.1. Strong founder Attracts talent Shows relentlessness

6.2.2. Product obsession

6.2.3. Great team

6.3. Use your network

6.3.1. Warm intros are best

6.3.2. Other founders

6.3.3. Your network

7. Impact of macro picture?

7.1. Been here through many cycles

7.2. This is age of entrepreneur

7.2.1. They can solve the problems