Urban Dashboard

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Urban Dashboard by Mind Map: Urban Dashboard

1. Govenor

1.1. Phone calls from concerned residents

1.2. Send letter and images

1.3. In person demonstration

1.4. CARB - Go to Air quality board meeting and present the project with a public comment

1.5. Media coverage

1.6. What are we asking for? Enforcement of trucking companies and factories, EV incentives, more EV charging stations, buy back of cars earlier, More smog checks every 3 years.

2. State Senate

2.1. Show at event Sep 10th

2.2. Phone calls from concerned citizens

2.3. In person demonstration

3. State Representative

3.1. In person demonstation

3.2. Phone calls from concerned citizens

3.3. Mail letter and photos

4. City supervisor

4.1. 350 NGO

4.1.1. Provide material that empowers the NGO A printable poster A view of all the monitors

4.1.2. Ask to join us in demonstration meeting

4.2. Mail letter and photos

4.3. In person demonstation

4.4. Show at Tuesday meetings

4.5. Phonecalls from concerned citizens

4.6. Media coverage

5. Bayview

5.1. Vis Valley

6. Excelsior

7. Views Air Quality Data

7.1. Receives email

7.2. Sees on social media

7.2.1. Facebook ads

7.2.2. Friend shares

7.3. Receives text message

7.4. Looks at the website

7.5. Sees the public facing screen

7.5.1. On a muni or bus

7.5.2. Store window

7.5.3. Home window

7.5.4. Bus stop

7.5.5. Government building

7.5.6. School

7.5.7. Takes action Take precautions Activity: Avoid outdoor strenuous activity In home Take political action Phone the government Attend a public meeting Join the local NGO Make a transportation behavior change Bike more Walk Use scoot Avoid short car trips Encourage friends to do this action Take muni, bus, bart Reduce engine idling Swap gas car for EV