viacom entertainment

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viacom entertainment by Mind Map: viacom entertainment

1. Finance

1.1. *supports all viacoms financial Goals

1.2. *financial planning

1.3. *General Accounting duties

1.4. *tax and treasury

1.5. *production Accounting

1.6. accounts payable and receivable

2. Ad Sales

2.1. *Generate revenue for viacom

2.2. *sells air time

2.3. *pushes air time for the networks

2.4. *pushes brand value

2.5. *manage channel priority for the networks

2.6. *meets all distribution opportunities

2.7. *consider cross channel goals

3. Marketing

3.1. *communicates each networks value to viewers

3.2. *targets the cable community

3.3. *handles affiliate and partner marketing

3.4. *focus on integrated marketing

3.5. *digital marketing

4. standards and practices

4.1. *Monitors all content for all original programming that airs

4.2. *Makes sure programming meets the standard of each channel

4.3. Weekly screening of music videos

4.4. Meets with the music and talent department to approve the music videos that air on each network

5. creative development

5.1. *Manages the creation of digital and linear projects

5.2. *manage scripted and unscripted series

5.3. *collaborate with writers and producers and show runners

5.4. *brainstorm and create content that utilizes new story telling formats

5.5. *manage documentary