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Urban Canopy: Heat Map App by Mind Map: Urban Canopy: Heat Map App

1. Wants to see one building or zone that is their client

1.1. Engineers / Architects

1.2. Wants a nice printable / sharable image with data. It can include rank, score, star rating.

1.2.1. Can see a before and after of the thermal image Can get an AR image of the wall with the green wall, with approximate cost and data to support the reduction of the heat sink. We can make calculations based on weather temperature data (which would indicate the amount of air con used). We can get a price per sqft of the green wall and provide a cute little table of numbers along with a new heat map image overlay. We could send them a ready-made powerpoint with before and after, data estimates of heat, energy etc, an AR image and quotes, price estimates. Wants a good quality list of green wall contractors to call and get a quote. We can even send referrals in a quote request system.

2. Building Tenant

2.1. Wants to see just their building

2.1.1. Wants an image of their building, with heat numbers, their score, their rank, and AR visual of their building, how it would effect their cooling bills, a quote estimate + case studies of other buildings retrofitted. Wants an easy pitch / presentation they can send to the building owner. Wants quote from local green wall installers. Wants to send this pitch to the building owner Wants to share the AR image on social media saying "look at how awesome my building would look with a green wall!" - also show before and after of heat sink, visual of CO2 saved, visual of money saved. Why not even get a 30sec video showing the whole thing animated - great for social media. before & after hot, numbers, then AR green wall, then the new numbers and comparison. People would love to look up their building and get the little video to share! I could make the viral video first as a pitch for what the software could do.

3. NGO

3.1. Wants to see the energy and carbon of the city

3.1.1. Wants to see heat map of city Wants to see locations that are very hot Wants to see relationship between energy usage and heat map Maybe they see a rank of number for each heat address, rank buildings from hottest to coolest and have the ability to send this information out to buildings owners / tenants.

4. Urban Planner / Government

4.1. Wants a whole city view. Wants the key problem areas pointed out to them

4.1.1. Wants a before and after image of how greening could effect the heat island Wants to see ideas and images of potential urban greening. Wants to be connected to contractors. Wants to see cost estimates. Will enjoy seeing case studies from other cities who installed green things, maybe video interviews. Wants something sharable with information to share around the company and to clients

4.2. Wants really good data about heat islands and the potential for greening. Lots of numbers that show it's worth it. Cost per CO2.

5. Green Wall Installer

5.1. Wants to get a list of all properties contributing to heat sinks and major tenants so they can go pitch to them

5.1.1. Wants to print out a good quality image of the heat sink for building in question Gets a good set of numbers of cost investment and energy reduction, carbon reduction, financial return or installing a green wall An after image of what they heat sink would look like after the green wall is installed.

6. Property Owner

6.1. Wants to see thier own building

6.1.1. Gets the whole package - before and after view, AR view, rank buildings, in city Links to contractors mostly important Cost examples of green walls enhancing property values, getting tenants, Social proof - show case studies of other building owners and their response to green wall installation Maybe the app sends a message to green wall contractors to get in touch and create a quote

6.2. What's your building rank in heat island? Put in your address and get your score.