Customer Service

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Customer Service by Mind Map: Customer Service

1. what is customer service?

1.1. the support you offer your customers

1.2. both before and after they buy your product

1.3. that helps them have an easy and enjoyable experience with you.

2. Why critical to business?

2.1. Can have a big impact on your bottom line

2.1.1. cheaper to keep existing customers than find new ones 6 - 7 times more 68% of customers leave because of treatment they received

2.2. Critical to competing effectively

2.2.1. overall experience drives customer experience

2.2.2. 89% of companies expect to compete mostly on basis of customer experience 4 years ago only 36%

2.2.3. go above & beyond with customers

2.2.4. "help desk" solutions are good

2.3. Customers are willing to pay more for a better experience

2.3.1. 86% of consumers would pay more for a better customer experience

2.4. Support is an integal part of product experience

2.4.1. many companies use "support centers" this is then communicated via links in relevant pages on their website

2.4.2. others use "help desks"

2.4.3. apps are also being developed that enable customers to get assistance

2.4.4. Chat room

3. Best practices

3.1. strive for 100% customer retention

3.2. you can never win an argument with a customer

3.2.1. if you win, customer loses

3.3. even though a customer isn't always right, it's your job to make them feel they are

3.3.1. examples Avoid saying "you've owed us $500 for 3 months." Say "My records appear to show a 120 day balance of $500. Does this match your own records? Avoid saying "But you signed for that package this morning." Say "FedEx's website seems to indicate that..."

3.4. If a customer leaves a message by email or telephone or text that implies they are expecting a callback,

3.4.1. return the message the same day (ideally, the same half of the day),

3.4.2. even if you don't have a complete answer

3.5. Make it easy for the customer to give us their business and their money.

3.5.1. if they don't want to do business the way we do, try do do it their way

3.6. Don't assume that you have the solution when a customer’s problem comes up

3.6.1. be sure to get input from the customer

3.6.2. some people value money greater than time and vice versa

3.7. how you say (or write) something is as important as what you say

3.7.1. say "thank-you"

3.8. Every customer stands at the center of their universe

3.8.1. make sure they feel like they are the center of yours as well

3.9. keep your attitude fresh

4. 5 worst customer service practices

4.1. failing to acknowledge customers when they come within eye-contact range

4.1.1. when within 10 feet - acknowledge customer

4.1.2. within 5 feet - greet customer

4.2. making customers go to more than 1 employee for assistance because they started with "wrong" employee

4.3. disciplining an employee in front of customers

4.4. pointing fingers when a problem arises

4.5. making customers feel like an interruption

5. funny videos

5.1. dealing with angry customer

5.2. Live and Funny Curstomer Care and Service

5.3. Seinfeld Customer Service Example