Social Media Impact (Ben Swanson)

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Social Media Impact (Ben Swanson) by Mind Map: Social Media Impact      (Ben Swanson)

1. Social media allows for people to collaberate on projects

1.1. Social media is not just about conversations; it’s also about collaboration.

1.1.1. Many new web 2.0 services allow for groups of people to work together on a project. This allows for flexibility and brings with it all the benefits of having lots of people work on one thing More Evidence (AJGK) :

1.1.2. Vivi- Most of these collaborative services are pretty unpopular- not a part

2. allows for negative communication because people can hide behind being anonymous

2.1. platforms such as twitter allow people to say things while avoiding a face to face interaction. This tends to make them more willing to be mean

2.2. Vivi: What effect does this have on real life communication?

3. allows for communication with people far away

3.1. business email will account for over 132 billion emails sent and received per day by the end of 2017.

3.1.1. The sheer amount of emails that are sent shows how the world has embraced this new form of communication because it allows for instant communication to anywhere in the world. Has this way of communication improved more over the last years because of the rising of social media in our today's culture? -Mario

3.2. How can this lead to greater worldliness/ cultural awareness? -Vivi

4. web 2.0 services exist solely to produce money

4.1. are in the business of getting as much traffic to their site so they can make money by selling advertisement (Manovich, 320).

4.1.1. The companies that are producing all of these products are doing it solely to make money. This takes away from the idea of the internet being innocent as it has become corrupted by capitalism. Vivi: Has the internet -ever- been innocent really? What caused it to be corrupted by capitalism? Is it not possible for creators to produce items that have quality but also will benefit them in economical standings? Rather, won't a higher caliber product attract more people ? - AJGK

5. allows for people to share ideas with the world

5.1. People can create ideas on many different sites and then share them with the world. An example is Grabcad where users can share cad file of things that they designed.

5.2. Vivi: Does this lead to greater diversity of ideas? Or does it contribute to a lack of originality among creators?

5.3. Is The Internet Evolving Away From Freedom of Speech?

5.3.1. Vivi: But social media also moderates and censors us

6. people shut themselves in and don't go into the real world

6.1. Although social media can be harnessed as an incredible tool, we must realize that it acts as a horrible replacement for true personal interaction. Is Social Media Making Us Unsocial? |

6.1.1. Because people can use social media to get a lot of the pro of communicating with others without the drawbacks many people turn to it. Unlike real life if something you don't like happens you can block it. Essentially social media makes people willing to go without real social interactions and therefore causes them to be antisocial.

6.2. vivi: How can it be used to foster real-life connection?

7. Big business can advertise almost anywhere

7.1. These goods are the expressions of strategies of designers, producers, and marketers. (Manovich, 322)

7.1.1. With the ability to advertise on most social media and web 2.0 sites, companies can reach virtually anyone who uses the internet. The amount of people this opens up is immense and due to the learning abilities of computers specific markets can be targeted by companies.

7.2. Vivi: Doesn't social media produce individually curated advertisements for users?

7.2.1. Yeah, and that was a huge advantage for Trump in the election: The Real Trouble With Trump's 'Dark Post' Facebook Ads -Andrew

8. promotes a lack of grammar while also encouraging slang

8.1. It has affected students negatively because people often do not fully spell out words and add extra letters when texting or messaging. Sometimes when I switch papers to edit in class, I find my partner using text messaging words.

8.1.1. The idea that students are not using proper grammar shows a negative impact of social media. Social media through phones makes it slower to type so people have devolved shorthand and then get use to it. Overall social media makes people worse at properly communicating. How can this problem be fixed? Not everyone uses this kind of grammar on social media and also for those who do, they must rely on the autocorrect on their phones or computers. -Mario EVIDENCE: The autocorrector software in our phones or computers are made to help us to get used to the correct spelling of words and to not make mistakes when we are actually trying to talk about something important. How your cell phone's autocorrect software works, and why it's getting better. -Mario

8.2. Vivi: How can this possibly be beneficial? Is social media fostering the development of a different form of English?

9. allows for people to organize things such as protest

9.1. seen an increased use of social networking media such as Facebook and Twitter to help organize, communicate and ultimately initiate civil-disobedience campaigns and street actions. Social Media as a Tool for Protest

9.1.1. The fact that social media makes it easier for people to unite shows how social media can help protect peoples rights. It makes it easier for people to practice their first amendment right of being able to assemble.

9.2. Is this always a good thing? What about hate groups? -Vivi

9.3. Slacktivism: The Downfall of Millennials

9.3.1. Vivi: But this also leads to effortless activism- "slacktivism" -people think they're doing good when they're actually just liking and sharing things

10. opens up entirely new fields which allows economic growth

10.1. Because Silicon Valley creates value that changes the world (Finger).

10.1.1. Social media creates a lot of jobs that didn't use to exist. These new fields help to move the economy forward and allow for a stronger economy. Doesn't social media also kill jobs in the music industry as less and less record labels are needed since artists can have direct publishing of songs ? - AJGK

10.2. Vivi: Is Social Media Driving the Economy?

10.3. Didn't you also complain about corporations making money off of the web and that the internet is now corrupted by capitalism? -Andrew

11. The Real Power Of Social Networks - How Data Is Creating Economic Value

12. Negatives

13. Positives