CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning)

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CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) by Mind Map: CLIL                               (Content and Language Integrated Learning)

1. Successful CLIL

1.1. Content related learning outcomes

1.2. Support the aduisition of content

1.3. Outcomes related to general learning skills

2. Aspects to setting learning outcomes

2.1. Content can be learnt with minimal language

2.2. Use newly acquired content in a maeningful way

2.3. Outcomes are driven by content.

2.4. Student interests and needs

2.5. Create a phychologically safe learning enviroment

3. Supporting language learning in content classes.

3.1. Create a psychologically and physically safe enviroment

3.2. Consistently use one language

3.3. It's accepatable for students to you use the first language

3.3.1. Students will also mix languages.

3.4. Speak slowly and articulate clearly

3.4.1. Use facial expressions, gestures and pictures, repetition is required.

3.5. Use an appropiate level of language

3.6. Provide a variety of language models

3.6.1. Music, video clips, blogs, or home pages.

3.7. Create a enviroment to develop the four language skills

3.7.1. 1.Listening

3.7.2. 2. Speaking

3.7.3. 3.Reading

3.7.4. 4. Writing

4. Supporing content learning in language class

4.1. Provide an expanded window of opportunity for teaching language

4.1.1. Motivate by content

5. Learning outcomes can

5.1. Provide a focus for instruction

5.2. Provide guidelines for learning

5.3. Provide targets for assesment

5.4. Provide a vehicle for involving students in setting personal targets

5.5. Facilitate the communication of non-negotiable expectations.

5.6. Convey intructional intent to others

5.7. Provide a framework for final evaluation of learning

5.8. Provide a framework for assement of teaching

6. Describe the enduring knowledge, abilities, attitudes.